Northshore New Orleans: Our Guide To Living In Slidell

Slidell, Louisiana is a city rich with culture and more than 100 years of hometown history, just a short, scenic drive from downtown New Orleans. Just a short thirty minute drive from New Orleans, Slidell is located within a breathtaking tract of Louisiana known as the Ozone Belt. This name refers to the special mix of salty sea air and pine scented breezes mingling in the area. This special air was thought by some Native Americans to have restorative powers.

Slidell is home to a host of festive annual events, including the Slidell Heritage Festival held each July 4 and the Olde Towne Slidell Spring Street Fair held in April. Slidell’s Heritage Park even hosts an annual Christmas under the Stars celebration, a holiday spectacular featuring lights, cheer, gingerbread, even a miniature train village!

Slidell’s iconic DuBuisson Gallery, a popular spot for events held throughout the year, gets into the holiday spirit, too. This year, through December 23, DuBuisson Gallery is hosting a holiday market, which is open from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and 5 to 7 p.m., Monday through Saturday. An added bonus, shoppers can stop by the famous City of Slidell Train Display, which will be open for viewing through January 8 of next year.

In addition to being the setting of year-round festivities such as the aforementioned, Slidell is prospering in the face of grim national financial figures. The cost of living in Slidell is nearly 10 percent below the national average, according to Yahoo! Real Estate. While recent job growth is low, 1.5 percent, future job growth is projected to reach 26 percent. Slidell’s unemployment rate, 4.5 percent, is well below the national average, which has hovered around 10 percent nationally for more than a year.

The same source reports Slidell’s population at nearly 30,000 and growing. The median age of residents is 37 and the median income of 50,000 on average. The city also reports a pupil to teacher ratio of 12 to one. Combined, these figures show Slidell as an ideal settling place for young families with children.

There are more facts about this captivating city, visit the official city of Slidell web site. Visitors can also call the Department of Cultural & Public Affairs at (985) 646-4375 to learn more about Slidell.

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Neighborhood Guide To Kenner LA

The city of Kenner in Jefferson Parish is amongst South Louisiana’s most happening, toe-tapping towns. Currently presided over by Mayor Michael Yenni, the city of Kenner is home to more than 10 convention spaces, the Kenner’s Rivertown shopping and dining district, Louis Armstrong International Airport, and the vibrant Pontchartrain Center.

Sites and Science

Amongst many reasons to visit, the sciences are alive in Kenner! Inside Rivertown’s Space Station Kenner, kids of all ages can walk through a model of the International Space Station to get a better understanding of how cosmonauts eat, sleep, and work together – in outer space! The Rivertown area also includes a Science Complex and a Planetarium & MegaDome Cinema, currently playing several films including the 45-minute “Volcanoes of the Deep Sea”.

Spots for the History Buff, High Stakes Gambler and Those Hungry for Hospitality

Kenner isn’t all just science and stats, however; the vivacious town is also home to cultural hotspots such as a Mardi Gras Museum and the Cannes Brûlée Native American Museum. The “Burnt Cane” (as it translates) Native American Museum even occasionally holds demonstrations on site so that visitors can see first-hand how certain artifacts have been crafted throughout history.

For the thrill-seeking types, there’s the colorful and lavish Treasure Chest Casino which features more than 950 slot machines and more than 30 table games including old favorites such as Texas Hold ‘em and exotic games such as Pai Gow. If visitors get hungry after all that thrill-seeking they can pop by the Treasure Island Buffet – Friday and Saturday are Seafood Nights!

Le Parvenu, a cozy and delectable Creole-American restaurant, is another noteworthy eatery. Chef/owner Dennis Hutley serves up local classics such as Mirliton, Shrimp, & Crab Bisque, veal Napoleon with Crabmeat Dressing, and Louisiana flounder and snapper in a charming 75-year-old Creole cottage setting. Patrons can even choose to dine al fresco on a truly Southern wraparound patio!

In the mood for Italian fare? No problem! Kenner is also home to Evelyn and Piero Cenni’s Ristorante da Piero, a gem serving home-made pastas and satisfying savory entrees. Though a wee bit on the pricey side, rich dishes such as gorgonzola gnocchi, sage brown butter tortellini, and cognac flambéed beef tenderloin make this spot worth a visit.

Kenner offers plenty of great dining options. Just check out our guide to some of the best restaurants in Kenner.

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New Orleans Area Apartments Pave The Way For Walkers

Most New Orleans apartment residents have limited walking opportunities within their communities. For those who do little other fitness activity, walking is an easy, low-impact exercise that can elevate your body to a higher level of fitness and health. As one of the body’s most natural forms of exercise, it’s safe, simple and doesn’t require practice.

Brisk walking has been shown to be as much of a workout as jogging. Proven health benefits such as prevention of type 2 diabetes, heart strengthening, improved cognitive function, increased bone density, alleviation of depression symptoms, reduction of breast and colon cancer risk, and improvement of cardio-respiratory fitness help you feel good inside and out.

Be sure to make your walk more enjoyable by wearing comfortable shoes and protective clothing that may be layered for the weather. Spend a few minutes warming up and cooling down, including quadriceps, calf and hamstring stretches. An extremely versatile exercise, walking can be done virtually anywhere. Whether you choose to stay indoors on a treadmill or take the family dog out for a lap on the local walking path, the benefits are numerous and results dramatically improve over time.

Reap the benefits of this low-impact, high-yield exercise in the comfort of your own luxurious community. Brightly-lit walking paths are available at New Orleans area apartment communities including Citrus Creeks in River Ridge and can be a great way to start or end the day.’

New Orleans Listed in Top 10

POSTED: 01:51 PM Thursday, July 8, 2010
BY: The Associated Press

NEW YORK — New Orleans is back in Travel + Leisure magazine’s top 10 cities list for the first time since Hurricane Katrina devastated the city and its tourism industry.

New Orleans took the No. 7 spot in the category of top cities in United States and Canada, part of the magazine’s annual World’s Best Awards. The 2010 awards were announced today.

New Orleans was last named to the list in the No. 10 spot in July 2005. The city has steadily rebuilt and revitalized its tourism industry in the past few years.

New York took the No. 1 spot on the U.S. and Canada cities list, followed by San Francisco; Charleston, S.C.; Chicago; Santa Fe, N.M.; Vancouver, British Columbia; New Orleans; Quebec City, Quebec; Victoria, British Columbia; and Washington D.C.

The full World’s Best Awards list will appear in Travel + Leisure’s August issue, which is available on newsstands July 23. It can also be seen online at

Winners for Travel + Leisure World’s Best Awards were determined using results of a questionnaire made available to Travel + Leisure readers online, and through invitations in the January, February and March issues of the magazine. More than 16,000 readers participated.

Louisiana Loves Sports

Louisiana loves sports, and there’s no doubt about it. From the proud tradition of college athletics in the state, to our local baseball teams, professional basketball team, and World Champion professional football team, there is always something to look forward to! While football season may be out, many are still following the off-season goings on of the Saints as well as the draft. Blogs and message boards have been buzzing with the latest news, prospects, potential signings, and predictions as football’s off-season continues. Many in the southern Louisiana held crawfish boils and cook-outs to celebrate draft day, and armchair coaches are already giving detailed predictions as to who they think will go New Orleans’ way when the time comes. No doubt there is much to look forward to when the 2010 season rolls around!

While the Hornets had their playoff hopes dashed, the team seems to be in a rebuilding mode that sports fans in the greater New Orleans area can feel hopeful about. Ownership of the team will be switching hands, and a likely coaching and general manager change seem imminent as well. Team captains David West and Chris Paul recently stated they expect major changes to the team in the off season. While the shake-up of the team may seem like a bad thing at first, it will give the franchise a chance to rebuild and restructure itself as a powerful force in the Western Conference.

Meanwhile, college baseball is in full swing and whether you’re a fan of Tulane or LSU, both clubs have solid teams that have the potential to go far this season. LSU’s baseball team won the national championship last year, and continues to be a dominant contender in the SEC. Tulane also has a long and storied baseball program and are hoping to boost their school’s morale from lackluster football and baseball seasons with wins on the diamond!

If greater New Orleans residents want to watch some semi-pro baseball action, there’s no better place to be than Zephyr Field in Jefferson Parish. The Zephyrs are starting up another exciting season of baseball, with affordable ticket prices and great action on the field, watching a game is great fun for the whole family. With many promotions going on throughout the season, Jefferson Parish residents can take a quick trip to Airline Drive and enjoy a night out at Zephyr Field, or enjoy a day game as well.

Whoever you pull for, wear their colors proud and cheer your Louisiana team to victory!

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