Jefferson Parish Residents

Jefferson Parish residents have plenty of reasons to enjoy where they live! Recently, one more popped up when Business Weekly listed Jefferson Parish as the #1 suburb to live in Louisiana! Citing a high median income along with low home prices and unemployment rates, Jefferson Parish topped the list and also ranked as one of the most racially diverse suburbs on Business Weekly’s list. Jefferson Parish was also mentioned as not only a great place for families, but single people as well.

Jefferson Parish is the largest metropolitan area in the great state of Louisiana and offers many great amenities, as well as close access to neighboring New Orleans. Because of the parish’s close proximity to New Orleans, the area shares much of the same flare and cuisine, while offering a more family friendly environment and lower crime rate. The ability for the area to offer modern amenities and plenty of shopping options while still keeping home prices lower than many neighborhoods in New Orleans makes Jefferson Parish a very attractive option for young professionals and families alike!

This recent nod from Business Weekly along with the rapid pace of development in recent years makes Jefferson Parish all the more inviting for folks looking for greener pastures and new opportunities! 1st Lake is proud to offer many homes in Jefferson Parish in Metairie, Kenner and River Ridge.

To those of you who are already residents, as well as those looking to settle down in Jefferson Parish, welcome home! We think you’re going to like it here.

Another Great Reason To Live In Metairie

We’re sure you’ve noticed the artistic face lift Veterans Boulevard has received lately! Many Louisianians were already very familiar with George Rodrigue’s “Blue Dog” before seeing the large art installation at Veterans and Severn Avenue.

Now, they’re more acquainted than ever as many see it every day while running errands or driving to work. However, there are some lesser-known artists and installations cropping up along the median that are equally noteworthy and attention grabbing! From the flock of toucans near the  Artists are hoping the move from galleries to the great outdoors will foster an appreciation for art from those who otherwise may not seek it out.Those worried about the cost of the pieces can rest easy. Some are on long-term loan by the New Orleans Museum of Art, others have been commissioned by private citizens of Jefferson Parish, and a coming batch of installations will be paid for by non-profit organizations using Commercial Overlay Zone money and additional funds from the Parkways Department budget.

There are more artistic landmarks coming in the near future, so keep your eyes open! The beautification won’t be reserved strictly for Veterans Boulevard, either. Installations by “Dr. Bob” Shaffer, Raine Bedsole, and Michael Cain will be placed elsewhere.

While many greater New Orleans commuters may not have been receptive to the median art at first, there seems to be a growing sentiment of warmth for them. Now you can appreciate art without having to get dressed up and spending a night at a stuffy art gallery. All you need to do now is simply look out your windows!

J V Told Us About Her Apartment In Metairie

“With help from 1st Lake I started searching for apartments around New Orleans, and after looking at places for a month or so, I decided to widen really look at apartments in Metairie. My friend and I found a GREAT place to rent with help from our rep at 1st Lake. We get so much more for our money out here, and we even have a pool! Yay!

We love to go out to eat, and there are a lot of great restaurants around.   We go out often as well, sometimes with our new neighbors. There are plenty of places to have fun near our apartments in Metairie, but even if we decide to go out in downtown New Orleans, we are still so close that we can drive quick and easy.

My favorite part of living in Metairie is how close it is to stores and the mall. Going to the mall is so convenient, and if I can’t find anything at the mall, there are lots of other small boutiques near by.  I am so glad I decided to look in at apartments in Metairie- I found a great place that offers so much more than those in the city.

Believe Dat

For the first time in New Orleans Saints history, the team has claimed the biggest prize in the sport. For many New Orleanians, simply getting to the Super Bowl and having a place on the stage were good enough. But now, Saints fans can finally bury the dreaded Aints moniker as the team brought home the Lombardi trophy in a thrilling game that set or tied seventeen Superbowl records. It was a game with many ups and downs, with the potential to make or break legacies. If Peyton Manning could have led the Colts to victory once again, it would have cemented him as one of the all-time greats of the game. For Saints quarterback Drew Brees, carrying his team to its first Superbowl victory in its long and storied history earned him a spot among the elite quarterbacks in the game. Now, in national dialogue, there will be Brady, Manning, and Brees.

No doubt many fans in both Indianapolis and New Orleans spent much of the game cringing and praying. When the Colts pulled ahead by ten points early in the game, it seemed the national pundits who had all but written the Saints off may have been right. But the Saints rallied back and began to find their rhythm, and what followed was one of the most thrilling Superbowl performances ever televised. Drew Brees picked apart the vulnerable Colts secondary with surgical precision, sticking to quick, short passes for the most part. The heart that the Saints players showed along with the fearless and gutsy play calling of head coach Sean Payton led to an upset that shocked the world.

As Tracy Porter intercepted a Peyton Manning pass and took it home for the game-clinching touchdown, Saints fans knew that they had just won the Superbowl. The streets began to fill with people of all creeds and colors, and it seemed the only thing on anyone’s mind was who to hug next. The city-wide party stretched into the wee hours of the morning as Saints fans began what some have dubbed Lombardi Gras.

New Orleans will perhaps never be the same. For a team and a region so accustomed to uphill battles and futile struggles, to finally be the best of the best feels to many like a dream that still doesn’t seem real. Rising from bottom of the heap to first class is something those in the New Orleans area may have to get used to. It looks like our Saints are going to continue to compete at the highest level and bring us all together for a long time.

In honor of the Saints’ fabulous season, and so team members have the opportunity to see the parade, 1st Lake will close all offices at 4:00PM today! See on the parade route!

Who Dat

Don’t you just love the New Orleans vernacular? If you were from the 9th Ward or maybe Chalmette, you might greet your buddy with Where Y’At?

On the lips of just about everyone you meet from Belle Chasse to Kenner is Who Dat? As in Who Dat say they gonna beat them Saints!

After 43 years of saying, “Maybe next year,” Saints fans everywhere are now saying, “This is the year.” If you ask Drew Brees it is our destiny–all courtesy of the Minnesota Vikings going down in flames in a football game that was the NFL equivalent of the Battle of the Bulge.

The 2009 Saints are just what New Orleans needed to put any remaining Katrina blues back in the box forever. Sean Payton, Drew Brees and all of da Boys took those thoughts about hurricanes in the Gulf, the recession, Al Queda and healthcare reform and put them away for at least a few weeks. Put up your troubles and box up your woes, the Saints, are going to the Superbowl! And they will win!

No matter where your 1st Lake apartment is in the New Orleans area, we know February 7th is going to be Mardi Gras and the 4th of July rolled into one. If you choose to have friends over to sit in front of that new HD TV or if you visit your own extended family, the party will still be going on long after the Saints accept the Superbowl trophy to grace the Dome, one major symbol of our recovery from the big storm.

So, remember wear your black and gold, put on that fleur de lis, and shout out Who Dat, because we’re all part of that rare group of football fans called the Who Dat Nation.

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