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Did you know our team members never stop training? We’re not just talking about our rental offices, our maintenance staff is constantly learning and improving. Our Maintenance techs don’t just study up, they compete to prove they are the best around! In January, six 1st Lake maintenance team members competed in the local Maintenance Mania competition in order to qualify to send their time trials to the regional boards to compete nationally.

Maintenance mania is an annual event hosted by the National Apartment Association and sponsored by H.D. Supply to test the speed and accuracy of maintenance technicians all over the country! The contest consisted of seven timed maintenance-related events and a fun race car competition. Each event was sponsored by a national maintenance supply manufacturer who determined the event. All of the events in the competition were tough, fun, and very exciting.

Contestants installed a door jamb armor, replaced a Fluidmaster valve and flapper, replaced a G. E. Icemaker and Freezer door gasket, replaced a Kidde combination smoke/CO2 alarm, repined a Kwikset Smart Key deadbolt, replaced a Price Pfister Pfirst Series lavatory faucet, and installed fan blades and a light cover on a Seasons Quick Connect ceiling fan. And if that doesn’t strike you as entertaining, each contestant also built a model car from scratch and raced their newly built car down a track to compete for the fastest time. Cars ranged from tanks to sports cars and were custom decorated and made primarily from maintenance supplies.

1st Lake is proud to announce three representatives from our onsite maintenance team will have their times submitted to regional’s for national qualification. These technicians trained hard in the weeks prior, and not only took home the first, second and third place in overall time trials for the local competition, our six tech team held the top six places in overall times!

Twenty national contestants will be chosen based on their times achieved at the regional level, and those contestants will compete at the National Apartment Association Convention right here in New Orleans this coming summer!

We’re wishing the very best to our 1st Lake representatives and are confident they’ll do a great job at the competition! Here’s a look at their practice and local runs in January.