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Can A Dog Rent

Sometime long ago, maybe 20,000 to 100,000 years, humans started getting together with pets. In those days, pets and humans developed a “you help me and I’ll help you” relationship. Cats kept rodents out of the grain supply, and dogs acted as guardians, hunters, and probably companions when people and family traveled in the wilderness. Many of us still view the city as a wilderness, part of this jungle being apartment living and rental homes. We can still have our guardians and companions in many of today have rent environments.

Over time companionship has become more and more important. As our lifestyles changed from owning homes to renting apartments, for most of us companionship is a major reason we own and adore our pets. Even pets that some might not call the best of friends, like reptiles and birds, offer us an outlet for our time and energy and certainly our curiosity.

Believe it or not, there are some real health benefits to owning a pet. A pet can improve your mood. Research supports when people are ill, a pet can help move you into a better mood, and may well mean a quicker recovery. Some folks in high stress jobs were shown to have lower blood pressure when they own a pet. And, of course, don’t forget exercise. Pets can encourage you to get out and exercise, even if it means looking all over the apartment for that little puppy hidden away in a corner somewhere or running an old furry friend around a community for his exercise.

Whatever our reasons may be for owning and keeping a pet today, it is a responsibility. Along with the responsibility of taking care of the pet, we also take on the responsibility of insuring our pets do not intrude on others, whether it is a family member in the household, our neighbor next door, or sometimes our apartment staff. We are responsible not only for our own behavior but for our pet’s.

While all of 1st Lake Properties’ communities are pet friendly, making sure an apartment is the right kind of environment is very important. Damage, noise, and smells are common complaints property managers hear in every part of the world. A dog or cat owner must be particularly respectful of the rights of others, their neighbors and landlord. Cats can scratch up an apartment pretty quickly. You need to make sure they don’t by keeping their claws trimmed and have a scratch post available. If a dog does not get enough exercise, it too can leave some real surprises for a returning apartment dweller.

Make sure you talk to your local community manager about relevant pet rules and regulations. Teh staff of 1st Lake Property are well seasoned in the area of pets and could probably give insight on the best type of pet to own in your particular living situation. This small step can save a whole lot of headache, time, and money in the long run.