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Keeping You And Your Apartment Happy And Healthy

If you have a stressful day, the last thing you want is to come home to a messy apartment. Your apartment should be your sanctuary. Home is where you get to check your troubles at the door, and the following are some basic tips that will allow you to do so. Stay happy and healthy in one of 1st Lake’s many New Orleans area apartment communities!

Clean – Instead of waiting for the weekend to spend it cleaning the house after a week’s worth of dirt and clutter, break it down and spend 20 minutes a day cleaning. That way the house will be clean every day and you don’t have to devote a whole weekend to picking up the past week’s mess.

Organize – One of the most aggravating things ever is not being able to find something – typically keys – when it’s time to leave the house. Make sure everything in your apartment has its own home so you always know where to find it. Use the same logic for the rest of the apartment as you do when organizing closets or junk drawers.

Breathe – Literally. Let your apartment and in turn yourself breathe easier with indoor houseplants. Use our guide to easy indoor houseplants for the best types to grow in your apartment. Not only do they spruce up the place, but they are great natural medicine!

Think – Think about what makes you most happy about your apartment and incorporate it into your daily home life. Is it keeping it neat and tidy? Displaying photos of friends and family? A pet? Good karma by doing chores even if it’s not “your turn?” Decide what will make you happy at home, practice those things and so it shall be.

Quick Preparation Tips For Last Minute Guests

Hosting An Impromptu Gathering: The Cleaning Short List

It’s Friday afternoon, and you just found out that your friends are coming to visit tomorrow! If your home is not company-ready, check out this cleaning short list of must-dos to keep you sane, and ensure your space is looking its best before your guests arrive.

Short List (stuff to handle the day before or day of): Time Needed: 60 – 90 minutes
Dust mop floors and vacuum rugs.
Dust/wipe all surfaces.
Clean kitchen.
Clean bathroom.
Do a final clutter sweep to make sure all surfaces are clear, all beds are made, and all clothes are put away.

Handling these few items will make your entire house look pulled together, and will keep you from feeling like you’re inviting people into a mess!

Organizing Your Apartments Junk Drawer

We all have one – that little, or maybe big, spot in our apartment used for miscellaneous items, otherwise known as junk. Whether it’s a drawer, a closet, or even a room, it doesn’t have to be junky. It may be the designated place for things that don’t belong anywhere else, but it can still be organized.

This space allotted for random household items, if left unkempt for too long, can quickly become a big mess. If that’s the case, step one is to completely empty the contents and start fresh. Throw out anything that is trash, broken, or that you simply don’t have a need for anymore.

Once you’re left with what you want to keep, it’s time to start organizing. Most things end up in a junk drawer because they don’t make sense anywhere else in the apartment. Take those things and sort them according to function. Are they tools? Office supplies? Personal items like matches, magnets, chalk, pens, etc? Insert or install dividers into the drawer or closet and place the groups of items into the individual sections. That way you’ll be able to find what you need quicker instead of searching through a bunch of clutter for that one little piece.

Take these steps to turn your junk drawer into a tidy one for all those knickknacks that you might start using more once they’re organized, clearly visible and easier to find!

1st Lake’s apartments communities in Mandeville, River Ridge and Slidell Louisiana have plenty of cabinets and large closets that make organizing extraneous gadgets that much easier.


Apartment Living Trash Disposal

Apartment living offers convenience and flexibility, as well as close proximity to many exciting businesses and hangouts. However, sometimes making the transition to having limited kitchen or bathroom space can be tough for first time apartment residents. While many take this in stride, it can be a bit daunting for those who tend to create a lot of trash. Whether it’s because you’re a social person who likes to have gatherings, or because you live with others who might be a bit messy, dealing with trash effectively in a limited space is key to keeping a nice apartment home!

Bathroom Trash

While generally speaking, bathroom trash tends to be small and manageable, making sure your trash can is the right size and in the right place can be integral to making sure your bathroom remains pleasant. If you have too large a can or place your trash bin in an awkward place, it can not only be unsightly, but hazardous when moving around in what tends to be a small room.

Your best option is most likely to buy a small, compact trash can and place it out of view. Depending on the logistics of your bathroom, between the toilet and tub or between the toilet and counter generally works best. Out of sight but easily accessible is the best way to keep your bathroom trash.

Kitchen Trash

The area that tends to accumulate the most trash is in the kitchen. Kitchen layouts vary from apartment to apartment, but if you’re the type of person who likes to host get-togethers at your apartment or who tends to cook a lot, trash can accumulate quickly no matter what size your kitchen is! It’s important to make sure this area remains clear of trash and looks aesthetically pleasing. Not only will this look great when you have guests, but it ensures that you have a clear path around the kitchen when you’re busy trying to cook up something special! The last thing anyone wants is a smelly and cluttered kitchen area, so be sure to explore your options when deciding what to do with your kitchen waste.

Try to hide it!

Sometimes the most effective way to make sure trash is out of the way is to conceal it completely from view. The best option for concealing trash is to convert cabinet space under the sink into your personal trash and recycling center. This space is traditionally one of the widest cabinets in the kitchen, which makes it much easier for you to place a trash bin within it. As long as you don’t keep a great deal of cleaning supplies or other miscellaneous items under your sink, you should have ample room for both your waste bin and any other items you may choose to store in that cabinet. The main issue with this system is being aware of when your trash needs to be taken out. Some people who opt for a concealed trash bin forget to check it as often as they should, leading to over-filled garbage cans and smelly kitchens. If you’re going to put your trash underneath the sink, remember to check it often!

Mounted Cans

If you want to try something a little different, a door-mounted kitchen trash system keeps the trash out of sight and out of the way of foot traffic. A sturdy wire rack hangs on the inside of a cabinet, pantry, or cellar door and holds a three or five gallon trash bag. The system has a drop down lid that keeps the waste contained and helps to secure the trash bag in place. There is also a slight variation of this system that uses a sturdy wire rack that holds a rectangular plastic trashcan. This system is not quite as flexible as the plastic trash bag version but it is still space-efficient and keeps trash out of sight.

Low Profile Cans

If you’d rather keep your trash can out in the open, try to find one that has a low profile. There are tall, thin trash cans with flat backs available that look fairly minimalist but are effective at containing a large amount of kitchen garbage. These can rest up against a kitchen counter, remaining pretty much out of the way but still out in the open. This way, you won’t forget to check your trash, and it’s more easily accessible for when you’re cooking meals that require constant disposal of refuse.

Consider the size and design of your bathroom or kitchen before making a decision on how to deal with trash in your apartment. Once you decide on how to approach waste disposal, there are options that not only make your area clean, but can be a compliment to the room as well! Trash doesn’t have to be ugly as long as you choose the right design!

Garbage Disposal Tips

The garbage disposal is one of man’s most brilliant inventions. It can make kitchen scraps disappear in seconds, avoiding a weighty, smelly trash can. But before you think about sticking that pineapple top down the garbage disposal, think again. Believe it or not, kitchen sink garbage disposals are not black holes for your daily discards and it’s important to know just exactly how they function.

Garbage disposals are not indestructible, and at the same time can cause a lot of destruction if not used properly. The machines can be very convenient, but only for obliterating certain kitchen scraps. Don’t try to toss the remaining shells from a New Orleans crawfish boil into the garbage disposal, or any starchy, stringy vegetables like asparagus, artichokes and kale. Make sure to keep metal utensils or any kind of hardware clear of the garbage disposal – or you’ll wind up with mangled silverware!

So what can the garbage disposal do? It’s capable of eliminating almost any food waste except for any fibrous materials that will wrap around the blades, causing them to tangle and the drain to clog. It can accept coffee grinds, egg shells and citrus peels (that act as a natural air freshener!) but not whole lemons, limes and oranges.