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Good Goodbyes Leaving Your Landloard On Good Terms

For some reason or another, we often find ourselves making a move. Maybe you’ve been relocated for work, or just need a new apartment with more space; whatever your reason, take simple steps to leaving your current apartment on good terms.

Step 1: Give Proper Notice

It is common to give at least a 30-day notice prior to vacating when you are on month-to-month rental terms. However, even if at the end of a leasing agreement, the community will usually still require a month notice.  Either way, it is always good to give your notice in writing.

Step 2: Leave the Unit How You Got It

Before leaving your apartment, a thorough cleaning will give you the best chance at having your deposit returned to you. Repair carpet stains, nail holes, then be sure to vacuum, dust, and scrub. Whatever it take to get it as clean as the unit and leave it as you received it.

Step 3: Follow Any and All Rules of the Community

Curfews, parking restrictions or subletting rules are particular items to pay attention to in your leasing agreement. Living according to the rules outlined by your leasing agent will leave you more likely to move out on good terms and keep your record clean.

Step 4: Remain Current

The best way to leave a community is to remain current on your rent. In extreme cases, simply communicating with your leasing agent or landlord if you encounter financial hardship is the best way to stay in good graces with your community.

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