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Moving To New Orleans: Live Like a Local

When moving to New Orleans, you can expect life to change drastically. You will meet a lot of new people, hear a lot of good music, and eat a ton of delicious food.

Your new River Ridge apartment will situate you in the perfect place to enjoy the city; but you’ll need to know how to walk and talk like a local. Here are some New Orleans staple terms that will help you blend right in.

Moving to New Orleans Guide

Beignet (Ben-Yay)

Delicious square-shaped doughnuts lavishly sprinkled with powdered sugar. Get the best in the world at Cafe Du Monde.

Muffuletta (Muf-A-Let-A)

A huge sandwich made up of thick layers of several different types of Italian meats, cheeses and a briny olive salad. Central Grocery and Cochon make legendary versions of this New Orleans favorite.

Etouffee (Eh-Two-Fay)

A delicious stew made with seafood or meat and smothered in the Cajun “Holy Trinity” of celery, onions and bell peppers. To get a real taste of New Orleans, try the crawfish etouffee at Royal House.

Praline (Praw-Leen)

The praline is the sweetest of sweets. This confection is made simply with sugar, water and pecans. New Orleanians flock to Aunt Sally’s for this tasty treat.

Lagniappe (Lan-Yap)

A lagniappe is a small gift; a little something extra. Lagniappe is a true representation of New Orleans culture.

Laissez les bon temps rouler! (Lay-Zay-Lay-Bon-Ton-Rou-Lay)

Translation: Let the good times roll! A mantra for every day in New Orleans.

Second Lines

A New Orleans musical tradition. Those who follow a brass band while dancing and enjoying the music are part of the Second Line. Second Lines are common after weddings, funerals and festivals. So, basically every day.

Vieux Caree (Voo-Ca-Ray)

A french term meaning “Old Quarter” and referring to the New Orleans French Quarter. Vieux Carre is the oldest part of New Orleans, dating back to 1718.

Neutral Ground

Known in other states as a “divider” or “median”, the neutral ground is the strip of land found running down the middle of the street. For New Orleanians, the neutral ground is the best place to catch a parade.

Understand directions like a local…

Unlike anywhere else, you will never have a New Orleanian tell you to go “North”, “South”, “East” or “West”. You will be directed uptown, downtown, lakeside or riverside. Know where Pontchartrain and the Mississippi are, and you’ll never get lost.

Now that you know the lingo, get ready to fully immerse yourself in all things New Orleans. Lease a luxury apartment at Bella Ridge today.

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