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New Orleans Area Apartments Pave The Way For Walkers

Most New Orleans apartment residents have limited walking opportunities within their communities. For those who do little other fitness activity, walking is an easy, low-impact exercise that can elevate your body to a higher level of fitness and health. As one of the body’s most natural forms of exercise, it’s safe, simple and doesn’t require practice.

Brisk walking has been shown to be as much of a workout as jogging. Proven health benefits such as prevention of type 2 diabetes, heart strengthening, improved cognitive function, increased bone density, alleviation of depression symptoms, reduction of breast and colon cancer risk, and improvement of cardio-respiratory fitness help you feel good inside and out.

Be sure to make your walk more enjoyable by wearing comfortable shoes and protective clothing that may be layered for the weather. Spend a few minutes warming up and cooling down, including quadriceps, calf and hamstring stretches. An extremely versatile exercise, walking can be done virtually anywhere. Whether you choose to stay indoors on a treadmill or take the family dog out for a lap on the local walking path, the benefits are numerous and results dramatically improve over time.

Reap the benefits of this low-impact, high-yield exercise in the comfort of your own luxurious community. Brightly-lit walking paths are available at New Orleans area apartment communities including Citrus Creeks in River Ridge and can be a great way to start or end the day.’