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The Stuff of Life

They say blood is the stuff of life. We obviously can’t live without it. The good news is healthy adults have more than enough and can produce even more when down a pint. The better news is healthy adults can help others live by producing an extra pint and donating it to people who need it to survive.

We are all celebrating the Saints in the Superbowl, and what a better way to be a Saint than to donate blood to help someone else live. You can do so this Saturday at the 1st Lake Properties’ Citrus Creek apartment community from noon to 4:30 PM. Citrus Creek is located in River Ridge at 5245 Citrus Boulevard. Why not visit and donate before you start your weekend of Saintsational celebrations.

The blood will go to needy local hospitals like Children’s Hospital in New Orleans.

But your donation will give you a doubly good feeling for your effort. The Blood Center has partnered with the American Red Cross, and every pint donated will mean a monetary donation to the Haiti Relief Fund. You sure can’t beat that for charitable giving. Give a pint. Help someone in a hospital and the thousands of needy Haitians doing without the necessities of life.

If you are a healthy adult you should have no problems donating. You have a couple of days to prepare. Get extra iron in your diet, hydrate – drink 16 ounces of liquid before and after your donation, eat a healthy low fat meal before your donation, and bring your photo ID with you.

And you’re not going to walk away empty handed. Each donor will receive a Saints Championship T-Shirt.

Now can you beat this? You’ll help someone who needs blood, you’ll help the homeless in Haiti, and you’ll proudly wear your new T-shirt as the Saints crush the Colts in the Superbowl.