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Touched By An Angel

There are few things in life more heart-wrenching than watching a child suffer a life threatening illness. There can be fewer things more stressful than having it happen to your own child. When we read stories of children dealing with the agony of a serious disease, we react viscerally. As compassionate people, we are simply hard wired to protect children, and most of us want to help if we can, even when that child is not a relative or someone we know.

There is a way we all can help. And as part of 1st Lake Properties’ community out reach program, 1st Lake is helping. 1st Lake is firmly committed to assisting Angel’s Place in their mission to help the families of seriously ill children.

Angel’s Place is dedicated to providing a warm, loving, and caring environment for children suffering from a life-threatening illness. The non-profit charity also helps families as they deal emotionally with the pain and exhaustion from the treatments for a dying child. Angel’s Place provides an end of life program for the whole family emphasizing the preservation of the family unit.

Sometimes a family just needs a few days break in dealing with their child’s illness. Angel’s Place respite care at an Angel’s Place home provides just that care. In addition in giving a fatigued family a break when they need it, Angel’s Place also provides support services and connects families to community resources to help meet the many needs of both the child and the child’s family. Parents, siblings, and the extended family all become part of Angel’s Place giving and caring community.

While there are numerous charitable organizations deserving of 1st Lake’s support, we believe our contributions to Angel’s Place are just a little bit special. We have sponsored fund raisers and a holiday toy collection. Over 200 deserving children benefited from our last gift-giving effort. According to Anita Gilford, founder of Angel’s Place, many of these children would not receive holiday gifts without the annual toy drive.

We are happy to help Angel’s Place provide a haven for children in need and their families.’