Transferring Apartments at 1st Lake

Responding to our residents’ changing housing needs is our specialty. Our sincere desire to retain our residents within the extensive network of 1st Lake Properties enables us to extend the following in company transfer policy.

  • Residents must have completed one full term of their current lease.
  • Transferring residents must give a written ten (10) day notice to their current community.
  • Transferring residents must pay the community they are transferring from a transfer fee.
  • Resident’s current deposit will be forwarded to the new community if there is no damage in the apartment.
  • If the new apartment deposit exceeds the current deposit the additional amount must be paid to the new community.
  • Should additional charges be deducted from the current deposit, the resident will be notified by management of the amount owed and will be given no longer than seventy-two (72) hours to make the deposit on the apartment whole.
  • Once notice has been given, management will perform a “walk-through” of the apartment the resident is vacating before a transfer is approved.
  • Residents must re-qualify under 1st Lake Properties rental policy.
  • The transfer will be approved if the vacating resident will be the leaseholder of the new apartment.
  • Transferring Applicant must pay an application fee and the administrative fee for the new apartment before the application can be processed.
  • 1st Lake Properties reserves the right to change the transfer policies. Some restrictions may apply.