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If you’re moving in to your first apartment or are starting fresh somewhere new, it’s important to plan ahead for how to set up your new digs, especially if you’re buying new furniture. We’ll take you through the essentials you’ll need room by room, starting with the living room, which is the primary common area of any apartment. Ensure that your apartment is fully furnished, starting with these living room ideas for 10 basic pieces, for a completely built out living room.

Essential Living Room Furniture

1. Couch or love seat – You’re going to want a comfy, cushiony couch or love seat to fit at least a couple of people, since the living room is intended for lounging and entertainment. To optimize your living room accommodations, look for a couch that has a pull out bed built in for when you are hosting guests.

2. Arm Chair – In addition to a couch or a love seat, make sure to have a comfortable lounge chair as an additional option for individual seating.

3. Coffee Table – A coffee table is another living room essential. Find a coffee table to match your style and budget, from a decorative iron coffee table with a glass top to a piece of salvaged wooden furniture found at a flea market.

4. Entertainment Center – While this isn’t a necessity, an entertainment center is a very nice companion to a living room. Whether your entertainment of choice is a stereo for playing music, a HD TV for playing movies and television, or a combination of both, you’ll need furniture to place it on – not to mention the equipment itself. Make sure not to get your wires crossed – see our cord control guide to avoid a cable catastrophe!

5. Lighting – Add some low lighting, like a table lamp to your living room when the ceiling light is too bright.

6. Extras – After you have all the living room essentials, it’s time to think about the finishing touches like framed photos, art and indoor plants to add some life and personality to your living room.

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Apartment Storage Solutions For Small Spaces

Just because there is less space in some apartments compared to a house doesn’t mean that you can’t store as much stuff, you just have to be more creative and smarter about how you store it. There are plenty of clever storage solutions for less square footage. So if you have a studio or one bedroom apartment, you don’t have to worry!

Storage Equipment and Methods for Home Organization

Hideaway storage – Hideaway storage is a sneaky and brilliant way of storing household items. You can find stylish ottomans that function both as furniture and storage with tops that come off so you can keep storage inside.

Hang it up – When there’s no storage space left to be found, utilize the perfectly good available wall space by hanging up items using non damaging wall hangers. Keeping a monochromatic theme with the color of the storage material will make the storage unit blend in and be more visually appealing. For example, if you have white walls, use a white wall hanger for a cleaner, sleeker look. Wall hanging storage can be used in practically any room, from the closet for shoes to the kitchen for utensils.

Use furniture – If your bathroom has limited storage space, try adding a piece of furniture like an end table, chest of drawers or desk to keep towels and personal items like makeup and toiletries. In addition, don’t underestimate the usefulness of mantels or other interior features that can be used for shelving.

Room dividers – This is especially useful for studio dwellers who would like to divide their open space to create separation between different living sections. A large shelving unit can serve both as ample storage space and a division between where you sleep and where you entertain.

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Keeping Cool Without Using Air Conditioning

Summer weather can reach pretty high temperatures, and the New Orleans area is known for its sultry summers. Energy bills can escalate during the hot summer months, but there are environmentally conscious, energy efficient cooling methods you can use to avoid running the air conditioning and expensive energy bills.

Air Conditioning Alternatives

Fans – Fans are the most obvious and attainable air conditioning alternatives. If your apartment is equipped with ceiling fans, turn off the air conditioning and turn on the fans. For an extra electro-powered breeze, use an oscillating or box fan. You’d be surprised how fast and easy it is to keep cool just by utilizing different types of fans.

Blinds – Adjusting the blinds in your apartment is another simple example of using the available resources at home. Closing all the window blinds inside the apartment will keep it cooler, and if you do this in conjunction with turning on fans, you’ll forget you even have air conditioning.

Evaporative Cooler – Evaporative coolers, also known as swamp coolers, are a great eco-friendly and energy efficient alternatives to air conditioning. A portable evaporative cooler uses 75% less electricity than air conditioning and is powered by a standard 120 volt outlet. Evaporative Coolers push warm or polluted air out and create a cool breeze by combining evaporated water and air flow. Evaporative Coolers can be found at stores like Home Depot, Best Buy and Walmart.

North Facing Side – This is the most basic of all the methods, but usually the north facing side of your home is the coolest in the summer and the south-facing side is the best for keeping warm in the winter. You might want to consider rearranging the layout of your apartment for the summer to reserve the north-facing side for where you spend the most time.

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Preparing For Vacation: A Home Checklist

If you’re taking a much deserved vacation this summer to the beach, mountains, visiting family, or wherever your destination may be, eliminate any doubt or worry concerning your home or apartment while you’re away. In addition to packing for a trip, prepare for leaving by using this home checklist before your departure and you’ll be just as carefree as you should be while on vacation.

Water your plants – If you have any indoor plants in your apartment, make sure to water them right before you leave. If you have indoor plants that require daily watering, ask a trusted friend, family member or neighbor to water your plants while you’re away.

Turn off all the lights – To conserve energy, turn off the lights in your home. As to not call attention to your home, leave a lamp by the window on just as a security safeguard.

Reset the air conditioning – As another energy conservation step, make sure that your air conditioning is turned up. You don’t want to turn it completely off, but turn up the thermostat. If you are gone for more than a couple days and the air conditioning is off, it could potentially cause damage to certain personal items and cause the temperature in your apartment to reach an uncomfortable level upon your return.

Throw out any perishables – If you will be gone for more than a few days, go through your refrigerator and throw out any food that might go bad so you’re not left with a smelly mess to clean up when you return.

Lock all doors – This is a given, but make sure all entrances, including your front door, any side or back doors and patio doors are all locked.

Help – If you have plants, pets, or anything else that needs taking care of while you are away, make arrangements for someone you know and trust to watch your apartment and collect mail and newspapers for you. Make sure they have a key and you leave them a list of any important information.

Arm alarm system – Don’t forget to set your security alarm system while you’re away and make sure that anyone with a key knows the code.

Unplug or turn off electronics – Besides double checking that nothing is running like the oven or a humidifier, unplug electronics like hair dryers and entertainment systems to conserve energy while you’re gone.

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How To Maximize The Space In Your Apartment

The secret to mastering the art of apartment living is maximizing space. There are many ways to achieve this, and one of the most effective is creating multipurpose rooms in your apartment. This way, you can strategically use all of the available space in your apartment to meet all of your at-home needs. Here are some tips and tricks for optimizing your apartment’s floor plan to get the most out of where you live!

Maximizing Apartment Rooms

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Studios: Studios are ideal for one person who has an active lifestyle looking for an affordable living space. Because of their open floor plans using furniture or room dividers to create private space is always an option. Deciding to divide studio space depends on what you want out of your apartment. Separating different areas based on their uses such as sleeping, eating and entertaining can organize the floor plan and section off private areas.

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