Tips Throwing New Years Eve Party At Home

There’s a lot of fun things going on in the New Orleans area for New Year’s Eve, but sometimes the best way to spend it is to throw a party at home. To be sure your party is fun and festive, we’ve got some pro tips for throwing an awesome New Year’s Eve party at home.

New Year’s Eve Party Tips

Party Punch – One of the first things that a party needs to be guaranteed awesome is some delicious party punch. Food and Wine Magazine has some exciting and creative punch recipes with unique combinations like rosemary, cucumber and Vinho Verde or apricot liqueur with basil and bitters. Impress your guests with these unusual and refined party punches!

Countdown – If you can’t be in Time Square to watch the famous ball drop on New Year’s Eve, you can still have it on your TV as a background at your apartment party! Pick out or create a great music playlist or station of fun party songs to play at the party. Leave the Times Square action on silent in the background, then when it comes time for the countdown, turn off the music and on the TV, and then back to the music again after the clock strokes midnight!

Decorations – There are endless possibilities for party decorations and to put your own personal creative touch on them, consider making them yourself! Options for DIY party decorations are cheap and plentiful, from a tissue garland, to a paper fork placeholder, handmade signs, cupcake liner garlands and much more. Check out some of these ideas from

DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

How to Make Homemade Christmas Gifts and Decorations

The time is upon us to begin the process of acquiring Christmas gifts for friends and families and decorations for holiday parties. While everyone is in a mad dash to purchase the hot new item on the market, you could ditch the department store and get supplies to make your presents. Not the crafty type? Not to worry – these DIY projects are simple and basic enough for the least creatively inclined among us. This year, save money and make your own Christmas cheer both you and the recipient can be proud of!

Ornaments – Everyone loves ornaments, and what better time to give them than Christmas? Put your own personal touch on Christmas ornaments this year by customizing them yourself. Start with buying plain glass ornaments and fill them with the contents of your choice and voila – you’ve created a personalized Christmas ornament in minutes! Some ideas for fillings are a small photograph, fortune cookie fortunes, tinsel, confetti or anything you can think of that will squeeze into the opening.

Luminary Centerpiece – This project can be used both for gifts or decorations to keep for your apartment. These luminaries can be customized for the holidays or any time of year, so keep this idea in mind for future occasions. There are three simple steps: 1) Find an image you love and print it on acetate projector paper, 2) attach the acetate to a piece of colored construction paper of your choosing that’s the same size, 3) wrap the paper around a glass canister. Then all you need to do is place your candle in the canister and you have a beautiful, unique centerpiece.

Home Decorating Organization Ideas Fall

The summer heat is starting to dissipate and the cool fall air is moving in, which means new produce will be in season, warmer clothing will be necessary, and holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving will be here before you know it. Here are some ways to acclimate your apartment and organize your life for the change in season.

Fall Decorating Ideas for the Apartment

Clean out the closet – A change in season is as good a time as any to go through the closet and throw out anything that doesn’t fit or you haven’t worn in a long time. Hand the discarded clothing, sports equipment or whatever it may be down to a friend or family member, or donate it to charity.

Fall wreaths – Get in the fall spirit and add a festive fall wreath either inside your apartment or on the front door. Wreaths made out of twigs and foliage are always nice for fall and add that autumn touch that signals the season.

Decorate for the holidays – Here comes the fun part – fall decorating! For Halloween and even all season long, place pumpkins throughout your apartment, including your mantle or fireplace. For Thanksgiving, set up a basket of pinecones in your living room and a cornucopia on your counter for that decorative touch.

Break out the warm clothes and blankets – Fall means that temperatures are starting to drop, so it’s time to break out the blankets, comforters and coats from the back of the closet.

Color scheme – Consider changing your drapes, sheets and wardrobe to more fall-friendly colors like jewel and earth tones to really embrace the season.

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Ways To Use Rugs In Your Apartment

One way to enhance the look of your apartment, make it feel welcoming and cozy and add some personality to it is to use rugs. Rugs may not sound that exciting, but they can do wonders for pulling together the look in your apartment and make it seem bigger. There are different types of rugs that can be used for different purposes and a ton of different attractive patterns to choose from that can be found at an affordable price.

Cheap Rugs For Every Room

Area rugs: Area rugs are used to cover a larger floor space, acting as carpet without the commitment. Area rugs are intended for common use and to be walked on regularly. They are especially useful for covering up if you’re not partial to the flooring in a certain room.

Accent rugs: Accent rugs are smaller rugs that are meant to be a base placed under a piece of furniture like a coffee table or secretary desk. These rugs can add a pop of color or cool design to an otherwise ordinary room. Accent rugs are typically more square-shaped than area rugs which are more rectangular depending on the dimensions of the room it’s used for.

Runner rugs: Runner rugs are great to place in hallways. Runners are longer and narrower than area or accent rugs.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on rugs for your apartment. Apartment Therapy has many great suggestions for cheap rugs that are large, nice looking and high quality under $300.

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Apartment Ideas Dining Room Design

Setting up and decorating a home is an evolving process. There are always areas you find a need for in every room. Whether you are starting fresh in a new apartment or you are continuing to make yourself more at home in your current space, we will take you through the essentials and decorative touches you’ll need to complete a fully furnished room. Not all of these items are necessary, but can a fully furnished dining room can be achieved by working up the list. Here is a checklist of what you’ll need for a complete dining room design, whether that room is part of the kitchen itself or its own separate room depending on the size of your apartment.

Essential Dining Room Furniture

1. Dining room table – This is the most basic piece of furniture you’ll need for your dining room, since the main point of a dining room is to eat! There are many options for dining room tables, depending on what size you need. You can opt for a traditional wooden dining room table that seats several people, or you might want a tall table with stools for smaller spaces.

2. Dining room chairs – This is a no-brainer but you will need chairs to go with your dining room table. You may choose to get matching chairs or go a little funkier with colorful, mix matched chairs. Get creative depending on your style!

3. Table set ups – Accessories your dining room table with table set ups which include but are not limited to place mats and linen or cotton silverware rolls.

4. Glass and dishware – If you are a person who loves throwing dinner parties, you might want to consider getting “fancy” dining room drinking glasses, plates and bowls.

6. Storage – In keeping with the upscale dining room theme, you may want to get a nice wooden standing cabinet it keep your special glasses and dishware in your dining room.

7. Centerpiece – Impress your guests and turn up the volume in your dining room with a beautiful centerpiece. This could be anything from flowers to a sculpture.

8. Wine rack – Keep your nice wine that you want to save in a wine rack in your dining room so you can conveniently pull out for special occasions.

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