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If you’re moving in to your first apartment or are starting fresh somewhere new, it’s important to plan ahead for how to set up your new digs, especially if you’re buying new furniture. We’ll take you through the essentials you’ll need room by room, starting with the living room, which is the primary common area of any apartment. Ensure that your apartment is fully furnished, starting with these living room ideas for 10 basic pieces, for a completely built out living room.

Essential Living Room Furniture

1. Couch or love seat – You’re going to want a comfy, cushiony couch or love seat to fit at least a couple of people, since the living room is intended for lounging and entertainment. To optimize your living room accommodations, look for a couch that has a pull out bed built in for when you are hosting guests.

2. Arm Chair – In addition to a couch or a love seat, make sure to have a comfortable lounge chair as an additional option for individual seating.

3. Coffee Table – A coffee table is another living room essential. Find a coffee table to match your style and budget, from a decorative iron coffee table with a glass top to a piece of salvaged wooden furniture found at a flea market.

4. Entertainment Center – While this isn’t a necessity, an entertainment center is a very nice companion to a living room. Whether your entertainment of choice is a stereo for playing music, a HD TV for playing movies and television, or a combination of both, you’ll need furniture to place it on – not to mention the equipment itself. Make sure not to get your wires crossed – see our cord control guide to avoid a cable catastrophe!

5. Lighting – Add some low lighting, like a table lamp to your living room when the ceiling light is too bright.

6. Extras – After you have all the living room essentials, it’s time to think about the finishing touches like framed photos, art and indoor plants to add some life and personality to your living room.

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Apartment Storage Solutions For Small Spaces

Just because there is less space in some apartments compared to a house doesn’t mean that you can’t store as much stuff, you just have to be more creative and smarter about how you store it. There are plenty of clever storage solutions for less square footage. So if you have a studio or one bedroom apartment, you don’t have to worry!

Storage Equipment and Methods for Home Organization

Hideaway storage – Hideaway storage is a sneaky and brilliant way of storing household items. You can find stylish ottomans that function both as furniture and storage with tops that come off so you can keep storage inside.

Hang it up – When there’s no storage space left to be found, utilize the perfectly good available wall space by hanging up items using non damaging wall hangers. Keeping a monochromatic theme with the color of the storage material will make the storage unit blend in and be more visually appealing. For example, if you have white walls, use a white wall hanger for a cleaner, sleeker look. Wall hanging storage can be used in practically any room, from the closet for shoes to the kitchen for utensils.

Use furniture – If your bathroom has limited storage space, try adding a piece of furniture like an end table, chest of drawers or desk to keep towels and personal items like makeup and toiletries. In addition, don’t underestimate the usefulness of mantels or other interior features that can be used for shelving.

Room dividers – This is especially useful for studio dwellers who would like to divide their open space to create separation between different living sections. A large shelving unit can serve both as ample storage space and a division between where you sleep and where you entertain.

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How To Make An Apartment Landing Strip Entryway

The first thing you or anyone who enters your apartment sees is the entryway, or landing strip. It’s important to design it in a way that is organized, attractive, and acts as a drop off point. It should be inviting and a designated spot to leave keys and other last minute personal items. Use this checklist to create a complete home landing strip for your apartment.

Door Mat – This is pretty basic, but a door mat is important for wiping off your shoes if they are wet or dirty. Find a rubber door mat that you like to put in front of your door at your 1st Lake apartment.

Coat Hooks – This is where you can leave any outerwear, umbrellas or dog leashes so that they don’t make it any further into your home, causing additional clutter. Let this be the place where you store these kinds of items so you always know where they are. Find out how to install hooks without damaging the walls in your apartment. [link to blog post]

Side Table – A side table is another important storage tool that serves both form and function. This is where you can place your wallet, purse, keys, mail and other personal items. Just like the coat rack for clothing and accessories, you’ll never have to wonder where your keys are if you always keep them on the side table in your landing strip.

Waste basket – Keeping a waste basket in your entryway will prevent trash like junk mail, scraps of paper, gum wrappers and other discards from coming any further into your home and making a mess.

Mirror – We don’t always have time to pamper ourselves before leaving the house. Having a mirror in your landing strip to take a quick look at yourself before leaving the house gives you a final chance to fix an unruly cowlick or wipe that smudge of jelly from breakfast off your cheek before going out in public.

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Tips For Shopping At Flea Markets

If you like sifting through a collection of various odds and ends to find one of a kind pieces for your apartment, flea markets are a great place to discover buried treasure and put your thriftiness to good use. If you aren’t as seasoned as dedicated flea market enthusiasts, there are some helpful tips to keep in mind before you hit the tables. Remember these pointers when heading out to the flea market this summer for unique, bargain shopping.

This goes for anywhere you’re shopping for furniture – bring a tape measure to confirm that the pieces you’re interested in buying will fit in the dimensions of your apartment. Make sure to bring a list of measurements from different rooms in your apartment to cross check with the size of the furniture.

Quality control is one of the biggest areas of contention when it comes to flea market finds. At first glance, certain antiques might look nearly flawless, but upon further inspection, you might find wear and tear from past usage. This goes not only for visible damage, but odors, too. If the damage isn’t too severe, you may be able to negotiate a lower price, which can be half the fun of flea markets for some people

While you should be mindful of the condition of certain items, even pieces that might need some work still have great potential. Think of ways you can repurpose old pieces by reupholstering them or updating them to work with your living space.

Finally, get out there early before the early bird shoppers have rummaged through the best of the day’s bounty.

There are many great flea markets close to 1st Lake’s Southeast Louisiana area apartments:

New Orleans Flea Markets

River Road Flea Market
3908 River Rd
New Orleans, LA 70121
(504) 831-3532
Open 10am – 5pm, Thursday through Monday
Offers more than 4,000 square feet of antiques and collectibles, with 20 different shops inside.

Freret Market
Freret St. & Napoleon Ave.
New Orleans, LA 70115
(504) 638-2589
Open 12pm – 4pm, the first Saturday of the month, except June, July and August
Monthly neighborhood market featuring local food, arts & crafts and flea market vendors.

No Fleas Market
4228 Magazine St
New Orleans, LA 70115
(504) 324-4727
Open 10am – 6pm, Monday through Saturday and 12pm – 5pm, Sunday
Resale shop that supports animal welfare. Portion of all proceeds are donated to local animal shelters and rescue groups.

Algiers Mini Mart Flea Market
2105 Behrman Hwy
New Orleans, LA 70114
(504) 361-1637
Open 7:30am – 5:30pm, Saturday and Sunday
Located on the Westbank, this sprawling flea market is more than 40 years old and features many Central American food vendors.

Baton Rouge Flea Markets

The Flea Market of Louisiana
15545 Airline Hwy
Prairieville, LA 70769
(225) 673-2682
Open 9am – 5pm, Saturday and Sunday
Located just outside of Baton Rouge, this flea market offers a family atmosphere and plenty of shopping.

Mississippi Gulf Coast Flea Markets

Flea Market & RV Park at Menge
8095 Menge Ave
Pass Christian, MS 39571
(228) 452-0590
Open 8am – 5pm, Saturday and Sunday
The largest outdoor flea market on the MS Gulf Coast, offering hundreds of vendors each weekend.

How To Make A Terrarium

To bring some extra life and color to your apartment that also makes for a fun craft project, terrariums are easy and convenient ways of having plants. In addition to being low maintenance houseplants, terrariums don’t take up much space or require diligent caretaking. Learn how to make your own terrariums at home to enjoy that will elevate the air quality and look of your apartment.

If you don’t have enough outdoor space or sunlight to properly grow a garden at home, a terrarium is the perfect alternative for those green thumbs out there. Terrariums act as miniature gardens, which are even cuter than normal sized gardens, and you can have multiple all in one small space.

Making the terrarium

To start with, find a growing container. These will likely already be sitting on a shelf or in a cabinet in your apartment, or are very low cost at any supple store. Mason jars or other glassware, like cookie jars or wine decanters work perfectly.

After you have your terrarium containers lined up, the first step is to build a base. Put 1-2 inches of wood chips, sea shells or stones at the bottom of the container. Then fill up about one third of the container with potting soil. Gently pack the soil. Next, it’s time to add in your terrarium plants. Plants for terrariums that work well are smaller, more delicate greenery like the Moon Valley plant, spider fern, nerve plant, Aurea, Aquamarine and black mondo grass. Allow enough room in the terrarium to add more soil once the plant is placed inside.

Next, pack the soil around the terrarium plants to prevent air pockets. Make sure the roots of the plants are covered by the potting soil. Place moss on top of the soil in between the plants for an added decorative green layer. Place the terrariums in a well lit area in your apartment, next to a window. Water daily or as recommended according to each plant type. Minimal maintenance is required. Plants may be trimmed if they grow out of the top of the terrarium.

There you have it. Making terrariums is quick and easy and can be a pleasant addition to any room, desk or mantle.

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