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Another Great Reason To Live In Metairie

We’re sure you’ve noticed the artistic face lift Veterans Boulevard has received lately! Many Louisianians were already very familiar with George Rodrigue’s “Blue Dog” before seeing the large art installation at Veterans and Severn Avenue.

Now, they’re more acquainted than ever as many see it every day while running errands or driving to work. However, there are some lesser-known artists and installations cropping up along the median that are equally noteworthy and attention grabbing! From the flock of toucans near the  Artists are hoping the move from galleries to the great outdoors will foster an appreciation for art from those who otherwise may not seek it out.Those worried about the cost of the pieces can rest easy. Some are on long-term loan by the New Orleans Museum of Art, others have been commissioned by private citizens of Jefferson Parish, and a coming batch of installations will be paid for by non-profit organizations using Commercial Overlay Zone money and additional funds from the Parkways Department budget.

There are more artistic landmarks coming in the near future, so keep your eyes open! The beautification won’t be reserved strictly for Veterans Boulevard, either. Installations by “Dr. Bob” Shaffer, Raine Bedsole, and Michael Cain will be placed elsewhere.

While many greater New Orleans commuters may not have been receptive to the median art at first, there seems to be a growing sentiment of warmth for them. Now you can appreciate art without having to get dressed up and spending a night at a stuffy art gallery. All you need to do now is simply look out your windows!