Apartment Tips: Kitchen Organization

A clean apartment starts with a clean kitchen – the place where some of the messiest of messes happen.

It’s important to make sure all surfaces and cracks are clear of food remnants that can attract critters and mold. Spend 10-20 minutes a day doing some light cleaning as needed, and your kitchen will stay clean and comfortable.

When it’s time for a more extensive clean, use the below checklist for a thoroughly cleaned kitchen that will make cooking and maintaining a breeze.

Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

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  • Clean all surfaces including counters, sink, cabinets, refrigerator exterior, floor, stove and any appliances that aren’t stored in cabinets.
  • Clean refrigerator interior: A) dispose of all food that has either expired or has not been used in several months or any empty food containers, and of course any spoiled or rotten produce; B) remove all other refrigerator contents and set on counter or kitchen table; C) wide down all refrigerator shelves, drawers and surfaces with cleaning product; D) return refrigerator items to their correct spot in an organized layout.
  • Clean all other surfaces in the kitchen not used for cooking or food storage, such as the kitchen table by clearing any clutter and wiping down surfaces.

Now that your kitchen is clean, take a good look around and enjoy it. Now you’ll want to organize your pantry to get the very best out of your clean kitchen.

Organize Your Pantry

If your kitchen pantry has no rhyme or reason to it, it can quickly get out of control if you’re not careful. When this happens, food items, spices, paper products and anything else you keep in your kitchen pantry can become disorganized, messy and hard to find. There are simple ways to tidy up the kitchen pantry and keep it neat so you never have to worry about kitchen clutter again.

Pantry Organizers

Start with purchasing  different sized plastic or metal baskets to sort pantry products by use. These containers make for great pantry organizers. Separate pastas, oils, cereal, rice and grains, pet food, tea and coffee, bread and anything else in different bins with labels.

First, remove all items from your pantry and set it on the kitchen counter or table while you wipe down the surfaces. Throw away anything that is old, empty or you’re not going to use. Then start sorting the items in the different baskets or bins, except for canned food. After placing the pantry organizer bins on the kitchen pantry shelf, make a spot for the canned food. It’s useful to not only organize items into bins, but organize the bins that make sense together by shelf.

After organizing, sorting and labeling the goods in your kitchen pantry, it won’t be a hassle or cause you anymore grief, and you’ll be surprised how easy it is to find food you forgot existed. No more thinking you don’t have any groceries in your kitchen when they’re clearly visible right there in front of you!

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After you’re all done, get creative and pick a recipe you’ve been wanting to try out. Cooking with a clean canvas is always the best way!

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