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Arranging Your Apartment According to Feng Shui Principles

Arranging Your Apartment According to Feng Shui Principles

What is Feng Shui? You’ve probably heard about the practice in movies, books, or television shows. Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that invites positive energy, or “chi” inside your home. Improving the flow of energy inside your apartment can boost your mental and physical health.

Chi has been described as the glue that binds your life together with the elements. The elements include wood, metal, water, fire, and earth. Each element can be represented in different pieces of furniture or decor.

Be Organized

A disorganized home can lead to chaos. Dirty dishes, unfolded clothes, and cluttered cabinets and countertops can create a stressful environment. If you have a beautiful natural stone counter in your kitchen like marble or granite, the last thing you want is to cover it up with clutter. If you are beginning to practice Feng Shui, you’ll need to organize your apartment before moving forward.

It can feel overwhelming to begin this process. Start with a small closet or bedroom. Filter out clothing that you don’t wear anymore or items that are just collecting dust. Donate them to a local nonprofit. Then, organize what’s left into a new system. Get rid of items that you do not need.

Don’t think of this process as decluttering. You are creating new space inside your apartment. While it’s not the end of the world if you replace this open area with new items, just make sure the area stays organized over time.

Remove Obstacles

We’re not getting philosophical here. I literally want you to think about the path inside your home. Are you moving around furniture to walk through your apartment? If so, it’s time to adjust the placement of your furniture.

You might be overlooking these physical obstacles in your life. It’s a nuisance that impacting your mental health more than you would think. Take the time to properly move furniture around your apartment. Figure out what floor plan works best for you and the chi inside your apartment.

Separate Your Work and Rest Space

This is another major rule in Feng Shui. When creating a floor plan inside your apartment, you will need to separate work and rest space. It’s tempting to place a desk and computer inside your bedroom. But this practice will restrict the flow of positive energy inside your apartment. You will not be fully relaxed if you walk into your bedroom and relive your work day. Set up a workstation in a high-energy area like the kitchen, a small office, or a spare bedroom.

You will want to create a calming environment inside your bedroom. This is where you unwind after a long day. Place the head of your bed against a wall, so the piece of furniture is facing a door. This will allow you to properly recharge as you sleep. You will also want to avoid having too many electronics inside your bedroom. A blaring TV or radio will distract you from meditation and reflection each day. 

Understand Your Colors

It’s important to understand how the color inside your apartment can influence your mental health. Strategically adding different color palettes inside your home can eliminate stress, boost your mood, and rejuvenate your soul.

Blue and green are calming colors that should be used in bedrooms. Red is a passionate color that can bring life to a room. Neutral colors can also be used in communal living spaces.

Brighten Your Entryway

Energy enters and leaves your apartment through the front door. It is important to create a positive and welcoming environment through your main entryway. Like other rooms inside your apartment, you’ll want to properly declutter this area. Do not have shoes, jackets, or purses blocking the entryway.

You can make more space or compliment the doorway with decor, flowers, or a special door mat. You can really personalize this area and make it your own. You can also add more lightning inside or outside the entryway. By doing this, you are creating an inviting and spacious area. It invites positive energy into your apartment. And if you are properly practicing Feng Shui, that positive energy will stay.

Buy More Plants

There are plenty of benefits to adding fresh plants inside your home. From a Feng Shui perspective, plants bring life energy inside your apartment. Greenery can bring vibrant energies and moods inside your home. Plants represent health, vitality, and relaxation.

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How to Keep Your Cat Happy in Your Apartment

Here are four pawsome tips to help your cats cozy up to their new apartment. 

1. Elevated Points 

By cleaning the tops of bookshelves or setting up small cat posts around your apartment, your cat has room to perch and move. This gives them a great view of your space and even outside! 

2. Scratching Posts 

Scratching posts are sure to be loved by your kitty! Scratching allows them to stretch and flex their paws. Grabbing a small scratching post from your local pet store will reduce unwanted scratches throughout your home. Keep your place and feline friend happy. The Humane Society goes in depth about the benefits of having a scratching post. 

Image result for scratching posts

3. Playtime 

Set aside some time for you and your cat for playtime, where both of you can play together either with a string toy or a laser pointer. This helps with bonding and gives your kitty some needed exercise. Cats also love to play on their own so by grabbing little balls of yarn or smaller toys, they can play with themselves when you are busy. 

4. Calming Smells 

You can’t be there for your cat all day every day so they can get sad without you. Help calm their separation anxiety with lavender and chamomile diffusers. Check out Chewy’s cat-friendly diffuser to create a calm environment for your cat and yourself!

Image result for comfort zone calming cat diffuser kit

Keep your cat and apartment happy with these little tricks. Are you and your feline friend looking for a new home? Find your new place at any of our pet-friendly apartments today!

Labor Day Furniture Sales

In case you didn’t know, home decor stores everywhere are offering incredible Labor Day sales starting today! To save you time and money, we rounded up the best deals we could find. 

First, the Pier 1 in Elmwood Shopping Center is closing! That means the entire store is on sale with deals ranging from 20%-75% off! We already snagged the accent pieces of our dreams. 

Next, hit the bullseye at everyone’s favorite place on Earth: Target. With 25% off home decor items, you can get what you want for less! Our personal obsession right now: throw pillows. Target has some of the trendiest throws for prices you’ll want to tell your friends about. 

Cotton Textured with Tassels Square Throw Pillow – Opalhouse™ by Target

For a savings overload, head to They’ve got multiple sales happening right now including the Labor Day Blowout Sale (extra 20% off products), the One Big Rug Sale (extra 25% off area rugs), and best of all the Fall Preview Event Sale (up to 70% off items)! 

nuLOOM Grey/Black Southwestern Flatweave Hand-woven Wool Ikat Tassel Area Rug by Overstock

Our next furniture giant, Wayfair, has a click-worthy sale going on!  The Fresh Start Sale has all things from back-to-school to bedding to storage and appliances.  

Rooms To Go has a Pre-Labor Day Sofa Sale happening right now: all sofas are on sale! It doesn’t get better than that. With brand new couches starting at $425, you just found the perfect excuse to finally get a new sofa. Head to the local Rooms to Go on Veterans Blvd. for more in-store deals! 

Sofia Vergara Pacific Palisades Emerald Plush Sofa by Rooms to Go

Happy bargain hunting, friends! 

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5 New Orleans Stores for Decorating on a Budget

Redecorating your space? Snag some furniture finds at a price that will make you feel warm and fuzzy inside.  

These five second-hand stores in New Orleans have some of the best reduced-cost, quality inventory around.

House Stuff: House Stuff is a boutique consignment store full of used furnishings, from living area furniture to accent pieces. Located at 3939 Toulouse St., House Stuff is a store owned by Flora Shaughnessy that pays homage to “well-designed, solid wood craftsmanship.” If you’re looking for used mid-century modern furniture, this is the place to start.

Pelican Furniture & Thrift Store: Just two blocks from the Carrollton Avenue streetcar stop, at 341 N. Hennessey St., is Pelican Furniture. A large variety of furnishings and appliances await you here. 

Additionally, you can take advantage of an ongoing special: Any purchase of $500 or more will be delivered to your home for free!


Bridge House Thrift Store: Bridge House is a remarkable New Orleans institution that primarily offers individuals seeking recovery from drug and alcohol addiction the time and structure needed to begin a new life. They also happen to have two thrift stores featuring a wonderful rotation of home furnishings for a bargain. 

You’ll find their locations at 4243 Earhart Blvd. and 7901 Airline Drive.

Floor 13, formerly Canal Furniture Liquidators is another great spot for furniture finds. In their own words,  they “buy and sell pre-loved furniture.” Find them at 400 Jefferson Hwy.  

Seasoned: Seasoned’s inventory is a bit more specific than the rest of our list, as it only sells second-hand kitchen items. They’re on the pricier side, but this store is just too cool for us to pass up. 

Seasoned sells vintage cookware, both online and at their brick & mortar location at 3824 Dryades Street. If you’re looking for the coolest cookware in the city, Seasoned is your spot to shop.

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5 Tips to Keep Your Pet & Place Clean

All pet owners understand the struggle of keeping a home clean with their favorite furry friends roaming around. So we selected five quick tips to make this challenge a bit easier.  

1. The Wag Rag

Try our simple wag rag hack by hanging a small wash cloth on a hook near the inside of your front door. This is the designated spot for wiping your wagging friend’s paws before your pooch waltzes through the house from outside. 

2. Shake the Smell

Notice an odor coming from your cat or dog’s bed? Place the bed out of reach from your pets and sprinkle baking soda over it. Let the baking soda soak up the stench, then vacuum up the deodorizer before placing the bed back on the floor for your furry friend to enjoy.

3. Stop the Shedding 

Feel like you’re living in a sea of pet hair? Save yourself from drowning in it by keeping a lint roller or roll of duck tape handy to eliminate small and large hair clumps before vacuuming. Doing this on a weekly basis will make conquering your carpet and clothes less daunting.

4. Accidents Happen

Accidents happen every once in a while, but don’t fear! Soak a rag in a combination of half a cup of white vinegar and two tablespoons of salt to make a natural cleaning solution. Rub the stain with the soaked rag until it is no longer visible. Get rid of any lingering smell by sprinkling baking soda over the stained area and vacuum it up after a little while.    

5. Simplify Sick Pet Clean-up 

Taking care of a sick pet is hard but the cleanup can be simple. If you catch the accident right when it happens, remove any solids from the stained area and clean the area with dish soap. If you have to clean it up a little while after the incident occurred, coat the area in baking soda and salt. After the spot drys, vacuum it up and blot it with vinegar and water to rid it of bad odors. 

Keep your pet and your apartment happy and clean with these tips. Are you and your furry companion looking for a new home? Find your new place at any one of our pet-friendly apartments today!