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How to Cheer on The New Orleans Saints In Our New Normal


The New Orleans Saints 2020 season kicks off on Sunday, September 13th. Although the season will look a little different this year, we at 1st Lake Properties want to help you make the best of it!

Here are tips on how to cheer on the Saints in our new normal:

Host a Virtual Viewing Party

With platforms like Zoom, Houseparty, Skype and more, it is easier than ever to host a virtual viewing party right from your sofa!
There are thousands of options when it comes to zoom backgrounds, making it fun and easy to be the life of the party. 

Grab some to-go food from your favorite restaurants

 Bobby Hebert’s Cajun Cannon and Stepbrother’s Bar and Grill are two of our top choices when it comes to game day grub! Both restaurants offer special coupons to 1st Lake residents. To learn more about our resident rewards, visit our Resident Portal

Dress to impress – Cheer on the saints by wearing black and gold!

Wearing black on gold on game day is a must!  A Saints mask from The Black and Gold Sports Shop or a “Holla from Home” from Fleurty Girl are perfect options! If you’re looking for options for the kids, shop Mimi’s Kids Boutique for everything Saints! 

Keep your game day traditions alive!

Just because we aren’t watching from inside the dome, doesn’t mean that your game day traditions should change. If you bleed black and gold, you know how important it is to keep those traditions alive! Whether it’s that special shirt, the way you start your day, watching the game “with the TV turned down and the radio turned up”, whatever you do, keep it going! 

Last but not least…scream WHO DAT! 

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Be Prepared! Hurricane Evacuation Apartment Checklist

Hurricane season is back. It’s a fact of life here in the Gulf South. We enjoy beautiful weather almost year round until hurricane season comes knocking. The most important element of hurricane season is preparation, and knowing when to evacuate.

Follow these tips to make sure you stay safe in event of an evacuation:

Evacuation Tips First Lake Properties


Make an evacuation plan.

If you’ll need to leave your home, make sure you have a place to evacuate to. Think about family members, friends and hotels. Once you’ve decided on a refuge, confirm that you and your family can stay there. You need to make sure your plan is concrete on both ends.

If you’re driving to your destination, be sure to fill up your gas tank before departure. You should also map out alternate routes as there will be huge amounts of traffic leaving the city.

Create communication channels.

Communication is key during times of severe weather and evacuations.

Once you have decided to evacuate, let all family members know, even those that aren’t coming with you. It is important that everyone knows your whereabouts in case of emergency.

To find out information about the storm, use the internet. Phones will most likely be useless until you reach dry ground. Facebook and Twitter are great resources for live updates.

Renters Insurance

If you have a lot of valuable possessions stored in your apartment, consider renter’s insurance. We found this helpful guide from The Zebra to help begin your Louisiana insurance search!

If your property is lost or damaged during a hurricane, renter’s insurance will recover the replacement cost.

Many renters insurance policies will also cover the cost of lodging if your apartment is damaged during the storm.

Supply kit

It’s always a smart idea to have a supply kit ready in case of a sudden evacuation.

Your kit should include one gallon of water per person per day for at least three days, three day supply of non perishable food, battery powered radio, flashlight and extra batteries, first aid kit, moist towelettes, garbage bags, local maps, phone chargers and enough clothes for three days.

Remember, hurricanes can occur at any time. Make sure you are always prepared. If this article was helpful, share on Facebook and Twitter.


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Local Snowball Short List

There’s no season like snowball season in New Orleans! Snowballs are a delicious combination of finely shaved ice and decadent cane syrup that come together as the perfect treat. And they’re available in more flavors than you can imagine. Get one to-go and enjoy it at the lake, or have one at home on your balcony. No matter how you enjoy them, each icy spoonful of a snowball is a taste of summer!

Check out our list for some of the best snowballs in the Lakeview, Metairie, Elmwood, and Harahan areas. They’re close to several 1st Lake Properties like Bella Ridge, Millstream, and more. 

Casey’s Snowballs

Says one Yelp reviewer, “The ice doesn’t clump, they don’t skimp on the syrup, and the flavor choices are vast and unique.” Could you ask for anything more in a snowball stand? Casey’s Snoballs in Metairie is located on West Esplanade Avenue, so it’s another option for a to-go snowball you can enjoy at the lake. We’re partial to nutty flavors like almond cream, and exotic choices like orchid vanilla, but you’ll find plenty of classics like nectar, lemon, and wild cherry.

Sal’s Sno-Ball Stand

Tree stump seating sets this Old Metairie snowball stand apart. Sal’s stays open late, so if you get a snowball craving at 10 p.m.– and really, who could blame you? – you can still get your fix. Fun flavor names like Robin (ice cream and nectar), Pink Squirrel (nectar, almond, and cream), and Joker (grape, blackberry, and raspberry) will delight youngsters and adults alike. Sugar-free options are available for those looking to stay trim, but it’s hard to resist toppings like condensed milk – again, who could blame you?

Ike’s Snowballs

Ike’s is located in Mid-City, and it’s just a quick drive from Metairie Road on City Park Avenue. We love Ike’s because of their doggie snowballs. A chicken snowball doesn’t sound particularly appetizing to us, but we know your four-legged friends will love them.

Don’t have a pet? Trust us, you’ll still want to go to Ike’s. It’s open year-round, and it offers juicy flavors like watermelon, strawberry, and pineapple that are sure to satisfy. You’ll find plenty of outdoor seating here, although another option is to order your snowball to-go and enjoy it at City Park!

Costanza’s Snowballs

Last, but not least, on our list is Costanza’s in Metairie, located at 5211 W Napoleon Avenue. Stuffed snowballs and decadent toppings (condensed milk is a favorite here as well) are the way to go at this location. 


With a convenient location on Harrison Avenue in Lakeview, NOLA Snow is a great place to grab a snowball before heading to the lakefront. Kids love their cotton candy and bubblegum flavors, and mellower flavors like nectar and wedding cake please more grown-up palates. The ice is particularly soft and fluffy, but if you prefer something denser, any snowball flavor can be served as a milkshake or malt instead. Soft serve ice cream, floats, and stuffed snowballs are also available – definitely bring your sweet tooth.


Here’s What’s Open Now!

Now that Louisiana is in Phase Two of re-opening, you’re probably wondering which restaurants, stores and parks are finally open! See our list below and let us know if you have any spots to add! 

Photos provided by


Metro New Orleans Area –

Andrea’s Restaurant, currently offering indoor/outdoor seating

Bobby Hebert’s Cajun Cannon, currently offering indoor/outdoor seating

The Ruby Slipper Old Metairie, currently offering indoor/outdoor seating

Saba, currently offering indoor/outdoor seating

Superior Seafood, currently offering indoor seating

Copper Vine, currently offering indoor/outdoor seating

Bistro Byronz, currently offering indoor/outdoor seating

Coffee Rani Covington & Mandeville, currently offering indoor/outdoor seating

Here are the full lists of open St. Tammany, Jefferson and Orleans Parish restaurants 

Baton Rouge Area –

Bistro Byronz, currently offering indoor seating

Superior Grill, currently offering indoor seating

Here is a full list of open Baton Rouge restaurants 

StockSnap provided by


Metro New Orleans Area –

Lakeside Shopping Center, several stores open & offering curbside pickup with reduced hours

Riverwalk New Orleans, several stores open & are currently offering curbside pickup

Canal Place, several stores open & offering curbside pickup

River Chase & Fremaux Town Center, several stores open & offering curbside pickup

Pinnacle Nord du Lac Shopping Center, several stores open & offering curbside pickup

Baton Rouge Area –

Perkins Rowe, several stores open & offering curbside pickup

Mall of Louisiana, several stores open & offering curbside pickup


Metro New Orleans Area –

Audubon Nature Institute

Grand Isle State Park

Lafreniere Park

Fountainbleau State Park

See which St. Tammany, Jefferson and Orleans Parish campgrounds & parks are currently open

Baton Rouge Area –

BREC’s Bluebonnet Swamp Trail

BREC’s Dog Parks, several locations open

See which Baton Rouge campgrounds & parks are currently open

Stela Di provided by


Metro New Orleans Area –

Louis Armstrong International Airport 

See which St. Tammany, Jefferson and Orleans Parish hotels are currently open

Baton Rouge Area –

Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport, currently operating with reduced flight frequency

See which Baton Rouge hotels are currently open

Giving Back to Our Community

Our 1st Lake team is committed to helping our Greater New Orleans community by working with and donating to local non-profits.  Over the past few weeks, we’ve continued to serve alongside Second Harvest Food Bank, Jefferson Chamber, and Pigeon Caterers to provide food for families and frontline workers in our community.

Since January, we’ve also had the privilege of working with local groups like Wounded Warriors and ARNO. Our teams raised  $4,417.42 for our veterans and we raised $5,433.16 for the animals of ARNO. 

This week, we participated in Bites for Knights by donating $1,000 to provide meals to the frontline workers at Ochsner Hospital! In 2020, we’ve provided over 20,000 meals through Second Harvest and we’ve donated over $5,123.42 to help feed those in need! Each dollar donated provides four meals!

Frontline workers receiving their meals from Bites for Knights Photo Credit: Jefferson Chamber

We’re looking forward to continued partnerships with these organizations, so we can keep strengthening our community from Jefferson Parish and beyond.