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337 Bertolino Drive

House for Rent at 337 Bertolino Drive, Kenner, La 70065

Located in the desirable Kenner, La, this newly renovated four-bedroom, three-bath home at 337 Bertolino Drive offers everything you need in the area you want. 

This 2,200 sq ft home in Kenner – has four bedrooms and three bathrooms, private parking, and lots of storage space.

You will find:

  • Large Open Floorplan
  • Brand New Stainless Steel Appliances including a washer and dryer
  • Brand new lighting, flooring & paint throughout 
  • 4 Spacious Bedrooms; 2 bedrooms with attached bathrooms
  • 3 Full Bathrooms
  • Private Parking
  • Spacious Backyard 
  • Open Floor Plan with Dining Room, Living Room and Open Kitchen Area
  • Ceiling Fans in Living Areas

Contact us today if you would like to tour this home: 504.273.6745

This beautiful home is leasing for $2,800/month for a 12-month lease

The Application fees are $35/ leaseholder and $25/occupant over 18 years old.  

The Security Deposit is $2,000.


Gym 101: Fitness Center Etiquette

A heart-pumping workout is a great way to reduce stress — unless the gym creates a stressful environment in and of itself. While you can’t always control the actions of others, you can help create a focused workout zone by following basic gym etiquette. Take a look below, and follow these simple rules while you get your burn on at one of our many 1st Lake Fitness centers!

Fitness Center Etiquette

Pack your gym bag like a pro. Stash your gym bag with essentials like a towel, wet wipes, and a water bottle. This means you won’t have to hog the water fountain, and if for some reason the gym is out of towels or wet wipes, you’ll be prepared.

Wipe down equipment. Most gyms provide antibacterial wipes specifically for gym equipment. After your workout, wipe down any surfaces you’ve touched, whether a bench, weights, treadmill, bicycle, etc. Remember, even if you can’t see any evidence of sweat, germs are still present. Clean up after yourself to ensure the next person using the machine gets a truly fresh start.

Follow time limits on machines. Gyms can be busy places, especially at peak hours like after work or early in the morning. Because of this, many fitness centers implement a time limit rule on machines like treadmills or ellipticals. Be courteous of others and only exercise for the allotted period of time. If you’re not quite finished working out, use the opportunity to try out a new machine instead.

Stay home if you’re sick. While some doctors recommend a light workout to help your body recover more quickly from ailments like a cold or virus, plan to do an at-home workout video rather than put others at risk at the gym. If you do go, take extra care wiping down all the equipment, and wash your hands before and after you’re finished exercising.

Mind headphones. You might be tempted to chat to your neighbor to help you get through a tough workout, but if they have headphones on, be respectful: they’re in the zone!

Dress appropriately. Gyms are for focusing on your workout — not on someone else’s distracting clothing. If you’re worried about your outfit, test it out first at home to make sure everything stays put as you exercise.

Put weights away. Dumbells can be hazardous when left on the mat for people to trip over. Always put free weights back after you use them. Please unload the weight bar as well to keep the weights area accessible for everyone and free of any obstacles.

Watch your rest time between sets. If you’re resting for more than 10-20 seconds between sets, plan to excuse yourself from a machine to give someone else a chance to use it. However, keep in mind that ideally you’ll want to rest for no more than 10 seconds: studies show that short rest periods lead to increased caloric burn and a higher metabolic rate.

Be courteous. Allow other gym-goers their space and respect during a workout session. If the gym is busy and you have the flexibility to come back later, consider adjusting your time.

Vegan Friendly Restaurants

If you live in or near New Orleans, you know that finding a good place to eat is easy. But how easy is it to find a good vegan-friendly restaurant? We created this list of some of our favorite go-to places.

In recent years, people have become more health-conscious and have adapted to a healthy lifestyle. According to Emily Krempholtz in Veganism Has Gone Mainstream, But It’s Not Just About The Animals Anymore, “The rise in selective eating habits whether due to allergies or diet trends has created a massive demand within the food market.” Because of these growing trends, we have seen a rise in vegan restaurants in the metro New Orleans area. 

Whether you have adopted a vegan lifestyle or not, this list is a great place to start for healthy, earth-friendly options!

Vegan Diet Guide: Benefits, Risks, Weight Loss Effect, Food List | Everyday  Health


Looking for vegan “junk-food”? Look no further than this uptown cafe! At Kindred, you can enjoy vegan versions of classic New Orleans staples such as red beans and rice, a spicy chicken sandwich, shrimp po’boy, and more. The best part is, they also have brunch items too!

Breads on Oak

Did someone say baked goods? Cinnamon rolls, brioche puffs, blondies, and tea biscuits, and more. Breads on Oak has two locations, one on Oak Street and one in the CBD. You can even order a whole cake from them!


At Seed, located on Prytania, you can enjoy breakfast, lunch, or dinner. While you’re there, enjoy one of their unique and artfully crafted cocktails, mocktails, or a plant-based coffee.

Bearcat Cafe

With two unique locations, the Bearcat Cafe is a local favorite. Bearcat Cafe offers fresh breakfast and lunch options and a wide variety of coffees and loose-leaf teas. The menu at Bearcat is divided into a “good cat” and a “bad cat” section. Most of the items on the good cat side are vegan-friendly.

Sweet Soulfood-Nola Vegan Cuisine

Located on N. Broad St. in New Orleans, Sweet Soulfood-Nola Vegan Cuisine offers an ever-changing weekly menu with items such as red beans, jambalaya, bread pudding, potato salad, and more! 

Dat Dog

Looking for a hot dog that’s vegan-friendly? Look no further than Dat Dog! With three convenient locations on Magazine, Feret Street, and Frenchman’s Street, getting a vegan dog is easy! Their buns are steamed, toasted, and vegan! and they have 4 vegan sausage options that include the Spicy Chipolte Dog, the Vegan Italian Dog, the Smoked Apple Sage, and the Vegan Bratwurst.

G’s Pizza

G’s Pizza has two great locations that deliver to Mid-City, Lakeview, Old Metairie, Downtown, The French Quarter, Marigny, and the Garden District. This pizza joint doesn’t just have vegan-friendly options, it has a separate menu dedicated strictly to vegan-friendly food! Check it out here.

True Food Kitchen

According to their website, True Food Kitchen is the only restaurant that is fundamentally based on science. This chain restaurant opened its location on St. Charles and offers “crave-able food that boosts your mood.”  From pizza to salads, to burgers and desserts, there are so many options to choose from!

Vegan Wit’ A Twist

At Vegan Wit’ a Twist, they combine traditional preparations with fresh vegan ingredients for dishes that are authentic. They even host private parties with hookah, music, drinks, and food! Check out their happy hour specials menu here.


Located in the warehouse district, this tropical cafe and bar offer a unique menu with delicious vegan-friendly options! Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner you’re looking for you are sure to find something delicious! 

Inexpensive Homemade Holiday Gifts That Will Surely Delight!

Whether you’re hosting your loved ones in your 1st Lake apartment home or traveling to celebrate the holiday, there’s no better way to show them how much you care than with a thoughtfully crafted homemade gift. Homemade gifts can mean more to your loved ones, too. You put a lot of effort into creating the perfect gift exclusively for them! Nothing is more loving than that.

Even with a short amount of time left, there are still plenty of quick and affordable homemade gift options you can create without worrying. Some of our favorite homemaking websites offer a plethora of choices and instructions for these gifts, but we’re going to highlight a few of our favorites to get you started on your crafts.

For the Coffee Connoisseur

Good Housekeeping caught our DIY-eye with this easy, thoughtful, and tasty gift idea for the coffee drinker on your list. “Coffee Mug Mixers” are created from vintage silver spoons and baking goods. Head to an area thrift or antique store, or hunt down a garage sale, and find some intricately designed antique spoons for cheap. Then, head down to the grocery store to pick up an assortment of baking sweets, like chocolate, crushed nuts, and candy. Melt your mixed sweets onto the spoons, let them dry, and wrap them in clear packages. Your coffee-loving visitor might just dip one into his or her mug immediately after opening this delightful and thoughtful treat!


For the Farmhouse Design Fan

If they are big fans of rustic-themed home makeover shows and decorate with reclaimed wood and metal accent items, shower them with a homemade wood gift. Both The Nest and Country Living Magazine have a great collection of homemade wood gift ideas to show them how much you notice their personal interests. We love the idea of wood-burned labels on cutting boards and cooking utensils. You can add your personal signature to these items with a wood burner from your local craft store. That way every time they use these items, they’ll be reminded of you.


For the First-Time Family

This homemade gift option might require a little more effort, but for the loved ones on your list with a newborn, it will mean the world. Your local craft store will have everything you need to create this precious hot air balloon-themed mobile for their baby’s bedroom. Craftiness is Not Optional provides a great step-by-step visual guide to building this homemade gift with ease. If this seems too difficult, Craftiness is Not Optional has other easier new parent gifts.


For the Home Spa Fan

We all know someone who spends their free time soaking in hot bubble baths and pampering themselves with sugar scrubs, pedicures, and moisture-rich lotions. Show them you care with your own self-care creations! There are do-it-yourself soap recipes, easy sweet or floral-scented sugar scrub formulas, and nurturing lotion how-to’s across the Internet! One of our favorites comes from PopSugar. Their DIY Spa Kit Trio features a scrub, a body butter, and a foot soak. We are not going to lie, this one you might want to keep for yourself!

From the Heart

These are just a few of the countless ways to make the holidays mean more this year. Do you have go-to homemade gifts you’ve perfected for the big day? Share your tips with our social communities and help your fellow 1st Lake residents make the ideal gift to go under the tree.


How to Make a Holiday Charcuterie Board

A typical Charcuterie board usually consists of a variety of meats and cheeses and is a staple for holiday parties. This year, they have become more popular and people are making their boards with a variety of different items! 

We tried our hand at it with a couple of our own twists and tricks! See how we assembled two, modern charcuterie boards just in time for the holiday season, using items you will love! 

A Cheddar Together Board

    First up, we created a charcuterie board that pairs perfectly with a glass of wine! Our board included three main ingredients: cheese, grapes, and crackers. All of which were purchased from Rouses! This year, our holiday decor at Artesia Apartments featured a lot of snowflakes, and we decided to bring those elements to the board. 

    Learn how to make a fun, festive charcuterie board for your next get-together!

    We placed tinsel in the shape of a tree and alternated between grapes and cheese. Add some snowflakes on top and you have a cheesy winter wonderland scene. Not only did this one come out tasty, but it also added a festive flair to our countertop! 

    Dreamy Dessert Board

    For our second board, we decided to go down a sweeter path to make the dessert board of our dreams! We gathered all of our favorite holiday treats and found the perfect spot to share, at our new apartment community, Bella Ridge South

    If you want to make a stunning charcuterie board with a fun holiday twist, try serving a dessert themed charcuterie board!

    We suggest making yourself a delicious cup of hot chocolate or egg nog to enjoy this one. From staples like Little Debbie Treats, red and green gumdrops to peppermint marshmallows and even Oreo cookies, this board had everything! Adding popcorn and pretzels is a great way to add a splash of salty snacks into the mix. The final product is perfect to leave in the kitchen for midnight snacking or even to make as your table’s centerpiece!

    With oversized kitchens and huge floorplans, our apartment homes are a perfect place to come home to for the holidays!

    For more ideas on holiday decorating, check out our blog on how to create a Show-Stopping Table Setting