Back To School: Deciding Between Apartment Life vs Dorm Living

The time has come for many students to gear up for the beginning of another semester of college! Beyond the book buying, orientations, scheduling, and seemingly endless preparation, one of the most important decisions to make is where to live. While some students will choose to live in dorms during their semester, the freedom and flexibility of apartment living can be a great change of pace for any college-goer! With several universities and colleges very close to multiple First Lake Properties, the commute time can be minimal and the privacy and peace of mind that comes with an apartment can be helpful for hitting the books during the upcoming semester!

The Dirt on Dorm Living

While college dorms can offer the convenience of a centralized location and a built-in social structure, they can also be noisy, chaotic, confined, and restrictive. Beyond this, the cost of a meal plan for your dorm can be $1,000 or more, with many students not taking full advantage of it.

Another aspect of dorm life that can be frustrating is the lack of privacy. The communal bathrooms, the long lines to do laundry, and the generally small, cramped quarters of a dorm room can be overwhelming. Beyond these hassles, those who live in dorms have to abide by visitation rules, which have restricted visiting hours, and are enforced by the watchful eye of a Resident Advisor. All of this can add extra stress to a situation that is already quite a challenge!

With apartment living, students can be afforded many of the same benefits of a dorm without all the headaches and restrictions. With many apartment homes very near college campuses, proximity to school is not a problem, and commuting time is very quick! The built-in social structure of a college dorm is also present in an apartment home, with many of your neighbors in and around your building being young people and students themselves! With the added convenience of having a private bathroom, quick and easy access to laundry facilities, and the spaciousness of a modern apartment home, the benefits of apartment living over dorm living are great.

The Downlow on Apartment Living

The freedom and autonomy that comes with apartment living is also head and shoulders above dorm living. Students in apartments are not subject to restrictive visitation hours or room inspections by housing staff. The options available to students are also far superior to the limited choices inherent in dorm living. Students get to choose their own living space based on price, location, number of bathrooms or even amenities such as an on-site pool, hot tub, or gym!

Apartment living can also be much more peaceful and serene than the crowded and noisy atmosphere of a dorm. Students can relax and study away from noisy hallways and crowded classrooms, in a space all their own. Living in an apartment for the first time can also help a young person grow into a responsible adult as they learn the ins and outs of leasing agreements, utility payments, and other aspects of independent life that are crucial in adulthood!

Freedom, fun, happiness, and privacy are the key ingredients to making college a great experience, and why most students would much prefer apartment life over dorm life! If you’re a student looking at living options for the upcoming semester, take the time to explore your options, weigh the pros and cons, and make college the best experience it can be!

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