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5 Tips for Being Happier at Home

Happiness is a state of being. Many of us, when busy or upset, can start to feel down and frustrated with our surroundings. Instead of just deciding you don’t like your place, you can rejuvenate the space and bring more happy into your home life with a few simple tweaks. A little care and effort can change your perspective on things inside the home and out. Try some of these tips to start feeling happier at home right away. be happy

1. Bring in a Plant – Caring for a living being brings a sense of vitality and commitment into a home, and a plant is a simple way to experience those feelings, while also bringing pleasing, and even soothing, color into your décor.

2. Decorate with Personal Touches – Sometimes making a space feel more like home and more like yours can be as easy as decorating with one or a few sentimental items. Displaying things like family heirlooms or precious souvenirs from some of your favorite trips can remind you that you and your experiences are what really make a home special.

3. Focus on One Thing You Love – Gratitude changes everything; you can choose to focus on the negative, which can be found in anything, or you can choose to pick at least one thing a week to focus on that you love about your home. Every time you pass it, you will smile with appreciation, which breeds more appreciation for other things, and brings about inspiration and pride in your space.

4. Find Time to Relax – Our lives can be so busy; making time to relax in your space can make it feel more like home and your sanctuary, rather than just a place to store your things. Take time for reading a book in a cozy nook, squeezing in a weekend nap in perfect afternoon light, or put some music on and cook yourself a lovely meal. You deserve it.

5. Treat Yourself – Every once in a while you need to invest in yourself and your space. Buy yourself a treat that you’ve been wanting to get for the home and let it be something that makes you smile and brightens the room. If you do this every so often, you will begin to see the home you’ve always wanted.