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5 Tips to Keep Your Pet & Place Clean

All pet owners understand the struggle of keeping a home clean with their favorite furry friends roaming around. So we selected five quick tips to make this challenge a bit easier.  

1. The Wag Rag

Try our simple wag rag hack by hanging a small wash cloth on a hook near the inside of your front door. This is the designated spot for wiping your wagging friend’s paws before your pooch waltzes through the house from outside. 

2. Shake the Smell

Notice an odor coming from your cat or dog’s bed? Place the bed out of reach from your pets and sprinkle baking soda over it. Let the baking soda soak up the stench, then vacuum up the deodorizer before placing the bed back on the floor for your furry friend to enjoy.

3. Stop the Shedding 

Feel like you’re living in a sea of pet hair? Save yourself from drowning in it by keeping a lint roller or roll of duck tape handy to eliminate small and large hair clumps before vacuuming. Doing this on a weekly basis will make conquering your carpet and clothes less daunting.

4. Accidents Happen

Accidents happen every once in a while, but don’t fear! Soak a rag in a combination of half a cup of white vinegar and two tablespoons of salt to make a natural cleaning solution. Rub the stain with the soaked rag until it is no longer visible. Get rid of any lingering smell by sprinkling baking soda over the stained area and vacuum it up after a little while.    

5. Simplify Sick Pet Clean-up 

Taking care of a sick pet is hard but the cleanup can be simple. If you catch the accident right when it happens, remove any solids from the stained area and clean the area with dish soap. If you have to clean it up a little while after the incident occurred, coat the area in baking soda and salt. After the spot drys, vacuum it up and blot it with vinegar and water to rid it of bad odors. 

Keep your pet and your apartment happy and clean with these tips. Are you and your furry companion looking for a new home? Find your new place at any one of our pet-friendly apartments today!