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Add Soul to Your Space by Decorating with Vintage Pieces

People often associate vintage pieces with dated décor – but where some see stodgy, we see potential. With so many communities in and around New Orleans, residents at 1st Lake can take full advantage of the city’s robust antiques scene. Fall is also an ideal season for decorating with vintage pieces: Cooler temperatures make a day of antiquing extra pleasant.

If you’re on Magazine Street, check out places like Lucullus or Passages Antiques. For even more antique treasure hunting head to the French Quarter. Shops like Keil’s Antiques (founded in 1899!) and Royal Antiques, both on Royal Street, feature formal pieces from the Georgian era and beyond.


Antique tea tins bring color, storage, and a vintage vibe to your space. (Photo courtesy Rina Pitucci on Flickr)

Now that you’ve found your perfect vintage piece, here are our top three tips on how to incorporate a bit of retro allure to your apartment:

  1. Paint it. An antique wood chest of drawers can look awfully formal, but with a coat of paint in a bright color – rich turquoise or sunny marigold, for example – the result is completely fresh and modern. The added benefit of using a bright color on furniture means that you can leave the rest of the space neutral. All of our properties feature a neutral color scheme perfect for pops of color.
  2. Consider placement. Let’s say you purchased a mid-century dining room credenza. Fantastic! But remember, this piece could work in a multitude of ways. Use it in the bedroom as a makeshift dresser, or place it directly behind the couch as a stylish, unexpected sofa table.
  3. Revive, repurpose. Vintage tins have great graphics and punchy colors. They are also incredibly affordable. But, what could you do with a tea tin? A whole lot, actually! We love using them as an herb planter or vase for flower arrangements. They’re great for kitchen organization, too – place long utensils like spatulas and wooden spoons inside a tin for a cheerful look. If you’re feeling adventurous, try making your own candle using the tin as a base.