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Apartment Energy Saving Tips

If you are looking to save energy costs, or just want to be environmentally conscious in your daily living, there are many tricks and shortcuts you can take to conserve energy. Use these energy saving tips in your apartment to lower your energy bill while also doing the environment a favor!
apartment energy saving tips
Energy efficient light bulbs – Energy efficient light bulbs are an easy way to save energy at home, as they typically use between 25% and 80% less energy and last much longer than traditional incandescent light bulbs. Although energy efficient bulbs usually cost a little more than regular bulbs, they will save you money over time.

Adjust thermostat – Another easy energy saving tip is to simply adjust your thermostat to an energy efficient temperature when you’re not at home. If you have a programmable thermostat, this can be done by simply changing the temperature setting during specific time frames that you are at work or know you won’t be at home. Otherwise, you can manually adjust the thermostat higher in warmer months or lower in colder months when you’re not at home.

Unplug power cords – When they’re not in use, make sure to unplug devices like phone chargers and mp3 player docks to save energy. Another convenient way to both organize cords and to save energy is to use power strips for plugging in multiple cords, and then simply switch the power strip off when the devices they are charging are not in use.

Short showers – Instead of taking baths or long showers, try to take showers in 10 minutes or less. Not only will you save on time, also on your water bill by using much less water.

Close shades and drapes in summer – During the warmer months, help cool your apartment by blocking the sun coming in from windows so you won’t have to use as much air conditioning to stay comfortable.

Washing clothes – Maximize your washing machine usage by washing full loads of laundry instead of more frequent smaller loads. To save even more energy when doing laundry, use the cold wash setting as much as possible.

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