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Apartment Organization: Tips for Eliminating Clutter

Have you got too much stuff in your apartment than you know what to do with? It might be time to consider methods for getting rid of what you don’t need and organizing what you do. Here are some tools and tricks for elimination and consolidation to make life at home cool, calm and collected.

Remove the clutter

Before you can truly enjoy your apartment, it needs to be free of clutter. Clutter takes on a lot of forms. Clutter is something you have too much of, something you no longer use, or something that makes you feel disorganized. Removing these items will make your apartment feel relaxed and open. Not sure where your clutter is hiding? Junk drawers and hallway closets are a good place to start.

Reduce clutter on a day-to-day basis

After you’ve removed all of your pre-existing clutter, work to make sure it never comes back. Clean the kitchen and bathroom every time you use them. Whenever you move an item, return it back to its rightful spot. The worst thing you can do is let the clutter grow. Try to make cleaning up clutter your daily routine.

Use the shopping bag method
Rolling Cart Shelves

This is a smart rule of thumb, courtesy of the fine folks at Apartment Therapy, especially for those conspicuous consumers among us. For whatever number of new products you bring into your home, discard an equal amount. For example, if you come home with three new shirts, donate or give away three of your old ones. This will ensure you don’t have a collection of clothing or household items you don’t use and that you have enough space for your new additions.

Organize with rolling cart shelves and mirror cabinets

Rolling cart shelves are great organizing units to keep around the apartment for multiple uses. If you don’t have enough storage for Tupperware, shoes, towels, sheets, or practically anything in any room of your apartment, keep them in these convenient and portable shelves.

Need a full length mirror? Take advantage of that used space by getting a mirror cabinet that serves two purposes in one: a mirror and storage. Keep multi-use items in your apartment is a small space hack that will create extra storage while achieving its original function.

Create a location for your day-to-day essentials

Find a bowl, table or corner that is your designated “needs” area. Every day, place your keys, phone and wallet in that same place and you will never misplace them again! At first you will have to remind yourself to put things in your “needs” area, but after long it will be habit.

For another great way to use space wisely and keep your belongings neatly stored to avoid clutter around your apartment, check out our blog on how to best use vertical space!

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