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Attention Apartment Dwellers Tips To Maximize Minimum Space

With many people around the country tightening their belts and looking for ways to save money, choosing an apartment that fits your budget can be a major financial decision. While most of us would love a huge space to call our own, it doesn’t always make sense financially. So, if you’re like most people, you probably find yourself trying to save a little by living a little more modestly. But, having limitations on space doesn’t mean you need to limit your imagination and usage of it! There are plenty of ways you can not only maximize the space you live in, but make it seem larger and make it useful!

It’s All About Flow

A lot of what makes a space look larger is all in the view. Try to keep your space as open as possible. Clutter not only creates obstacles when passing through, but visually it makes a room look smaller and more compact. Try to organize your furniture against walls, and keep your middle spaces open and clean. This creates a clear line of sight through the room and makes the space look larger. Beyond that, living in an area where you don’t have to dodge tables, chairs, couches, or other clutter, in odd places, makes traversing your apartment much less of a hassle!
Out of Site Storage Ideas

If your bedroom is more compact than you would like, find ways to maximize the space you have. A bed with storage underneath can save the need for a large dresser, creating more space for you to use within the room. Shelving which can be hung also saves floor space and can help to it from being cluttered with books or knick-knacks. Finding storage drawers to put in your closet can also save you from having to invest the money, and floor space, in a larger dresser. Any items that can double as storage are always helpful. Ottomans with removable tops that can be used as storage, and couches with compartments within them for storage can be life-savers when space is minimal.

Rack Up for Kitchen Space

In the kitchen, maximizing cabinet, counter, and shelf space is key. There are nifty things you can buy for your kitchen go help with this such as magnetic spice racks. These can be placed on the wall to keep your counters clean and cabinets used for dishes. If you regularly have more than one bottle of wine at a time, consider buying a space-saving wine rack to put your bottles in. This will help from them cluttering your counters, and adds a touch of class to the kitchen. Toasters and microwaves can be placed together side by side to maximize space and efficiency as well. Keeping the kitchen clean from clutter also helps not only with minimizing mess, but with maximizing counter space. If you can, store dinnerware and cutlery near the dishwasher so that it can be emptied quickly and easily.

Pick a Floor Plan that Fits Your Lifestyle

To really utilize the space you have effectively, you have to prioritize what is most important to you. If you don’t cook much, but prefer to have more sleeping and entertainment space, an apartment with a smaller kitchen but bigger rooms can be ideal. Once you find a space that’s important to you and utilize it according to what you most desire within that space, you may find that any extra room in your apartment would be unnecessary. This is key when not only choosing an apartment, but deciding how you want to use the rooms you have in a way that will truly make you feel at home