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Back To School Shopping For Your Apartment

It’s that time of year again for students to wake up from the lazy days of summer and start planning their return to school. And back to school means the inevitable back to school shopping. Before you head back to campus, here’s a back to school shopping guide for apartment renters. But just because you’re shopping for back to school supplies, doesn’t mean they can’t be fun ones.

Back to School Supplies for the Apartment

Calendars: Every student should keep a calendar handy in their apartment so they are sufficiently prepared for big exams and project deadlines. Make your calendars a little more interesting with magnetic or washboard calendars to put on your fridge! The photo to the right is of a stylish, stack-able magnetic refrigerator calendar from that makes your schedule organized and fun!

Study Essentials: Besides the library, your apartment is where you’ll be doing the most studying. Especially at 1st Lake apartments that offer great extra office space. There are some essential back to school supplies that you should always have on hand to fuel your study sessions. Make sure to have comfortable study clothes, like yoga pants, comfortable t-shirts, sweatshirts and sandals. Besides comfortable clothing, you’ll want to have plenty of caffeinated and non caffeinated beverages around to both keep you going and hydrated during extended cram sessions. Healthy study snacks will also be an asset when there’s no time for cooking or for those all-nighters during final exams.

Storage compartments: The more back to school supplies you acquire, the more places you’ll need to store them. Separating containers for your desk or study table are convenient to organize writing utensils and tools. Portable storage containers for text books are really useful for moving heavy textbooks from room to room, as you might find more inspiration in the living room than the dining room depending on the day.

So there you have it, some basics to have around your apartment for when school’s back in session. With all these back to school shopping essentials and the comforts of 1st Lake Properties, you’re sure to have a successful semester back in school!

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