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Reasons to Exercise Outdoors this Spring

Spring is just around the corner, and that means it’s time to start enjoying the outdoors again. And while everyone seems to be looking forward to beach vacations and picnics in the park, you should also consider taking your exercise routine outside of the gym. Although it may be tempting to stay inside — climate control, predictable conditions, and convenience are three major factors — studies show that there are many physical and psychological benefits to exercising outdoors.

Read on to learn a few major benefits of outdoor exercise!

Outdoor Exercise Equals an Improved Mood

Studies have also shown that individuals that exercise outdoors “score significantly higher on measures of vitality, enthusiasm, pleasure and self-esteem and lower on tension, depression and fatigue” in comparison to those who exercise inside. Activities such as walking, jogging or gardening can make one feel more connected to nature. They also increase exposure to sunlight and vitamin D.

Many First Lake Properties have outdoor amenities like nature paths and swimming pools, placing your “outdoor gym” just a few steps away.

Low Cost

If your budget doesn’t allow for a costly gym membership, the solution is right outside your front door. According to ACE Fitness, the cost of a gym is commonly cited as a major barrier to regular exercise. In addition to cost, it’s often time consuming to travel to and from a gym. Traffic, parking, and other factors can add up to several additional hours to your exercise regimen, leaving no time for leisure after a long day at work. 

Taking your fitness routine into the great outdoors provides an immediate, low-cost solution. Low-traffic neighborhoods and nature trails are just waiting to be explored!

Wind Resistance & Natural Challenges

If you’ve been using a treadmill this winter, consider finding a scenic pathway for your jogs instead. Studies show that when running on a treadmill, runners expend less energy due to a lack of wind resistance. Natural terrain also forces runners to stride differently, causing them to flex their ankles more. Exercising in a constantly changing environment causes your body’s connective tissue to become more adaptive, and may prevent certain injuries over time.

Now that you know all that you stand to gain from spending more time outdoors this spring, check out our beautiful residential properties and prepare for a springtime full of activity with 1st Lake!