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Choosing The Best Transportation For Your Pet

One of the big stresses of moving to New Orleans, and a priority of moving anywhere,  is finding the right way to move your pet. There are many different options and ways you can go about helping your pet make the transition to your new place, depending on the type of animal you have.

One of the best ways to ensure a safe and easy move for your pet is to hire a pet transport service. While this may not be ideal if you’re moving on a shoe-string budget, the little bit of extra money can go a long way in offering you peace of mind. However, there are a few things you should look for and ask about when choosing the right transport for your pet.

Look for a service that offers frequent stops for your pet

If the transport service’s trip is scheduled to take more than one day, make sure that hotel rest stops are part of their agenda. While some pet transport services may choose to save money by simply pulling the vehicle over at night and having the driver and pet sleep in the vehicle, this is not ideal. A hotel rest stop ensures that the driver is well-rested and will be operating the vehicle safely, after a good night’s sleep! It should also be a priority for any hotel rest stops to include hotels that are pet-friendly so that your pet isn’t left in a vehicle over night. This way, your pet will be able to stretch and sleep comfortably, and won’t be left out in the heat or cold of a vehicle!

Find a pet transport service that will be transporting ONLY your pets

Many quality transport services can offer you the option of transporting your pets exclusively in their vehicle. Whether you have multiple pets or only one pet, this should be an option that is available to you when asking around. Making sure that your pet isn’t transported with other animals can help to decrease the stress levels of your pet during an experience that can already be a little frightening for them.

Also, while a quality transport service will require proof of vaccination, making sure that your pet is the only one being transported ensures that your furry friend won’t be exposed to other animals who could carry disease. You can also rest easy knowing that your pet won’t be exposed to any other potentially aggressive animals. Even if another animal hasn’t shown signs of aggression, moving can be a trying experience for pets and can change their behavior. Don’t risk exposing your dog or cat to any other stresses or dangers! Make sure that they can be transported by themselves!

Ask about how frequently the pet transport service you choose will be taking scheduled breaks throughout the move

Both dogs and cats need time to stretch and use the bathroom, with dogs needing the added attention of a walk. Find out what the pet transport service’s plan is for this and how often you can expect them to stop to let your pet stretch and use the bathroom. If you have an animal with special needs, it’s imperative that you let them know what these needs are to ensure they can be accommodated.

Make the move a safe and happy one for you and your pet! Do a little homework beforehand, and you’ll find that moving day can be much easier for both of you.