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Congratulations to the 1st Lake Properties Beautification Award Winners

1st Lake Properties takes pride in each of their individual apartment communities with meticulous landscaping and reliable maintenance. To reward properties who demonstrate outstanding attention to detail, that has become to be known as the “1st Lake Look”, 1st Lake recognizes winners of the Beautification Awards each quarter and the results are in for the most recent winners! Congratulations to these properties, worth checking out if you’re looking for a lovely new apartment to move in to!

Lake Towers – Lake Towers has its own pool area with a gazebo and courtyard overlooking the peaceful Capital Lakes in Baton Rouge that is beautifully landscaped.

Camelot Court – Camelot Court offers townhome style apartments that provide a private home living experience with all the amenities that apartment living affords! In addition to private backyards, there is a private pool and courtyard area that is carefully maintained and landscaped.

Turtle Creek – At these tranquil Metairie apartments, enjoy a spacious swimming pool surrounded by manicured greenery.

White Water Creek – The property grounds at the White Water Creek apartments in Metairie are adorned with winding walkways, bubbling creeks, fountains and palm trees to make living more of a resort-like, luxury experience.

Willow Creek – Bask in pleasant living at the oak tree-lined Willow Creek apartments in River Ridge with landscaped paths, creeks and fountains and a private swimming pool.

Palmetto Creek – Palmetto Creek always have attentive maintenance staff on hand to handle any resident need thoroughly and efficiently. Palmetto Creek has walking paths, pavilions, lush plants and creeks for its residents to enjoy.