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Cooking Meals For One

A small kitchen inside a one bedroom, studio or even a bigger unit that’s lacking proportion can pose a challenge. Making meals for one can also present a predicament. But don’t let a modest-sized kitchen, single occupancy or both deter you from cooking delicious and healthy meals. It can be done! Here are a few tips to guide you through cooking in your apartment.

Making the most of a small kitchen

Even the tiniest kitchens can be optimized!

Restrictions are always a drag, but they also allow for creative solutions. One of the most useful tips to follow is to utilize your wall space. Instead of crowding your counters with appliances, install metal shelves and stock them with all your spices, kettles, cookbooks and small appliances. For additional organization, stack dividers like wooden or plastic boxes on the shelves filled with all your kitchen wares.

With all the space that an oven and refrigerator can take up, there can be little left for the rest of your equipment. Keep in mind smaller, nifty items that can replace more heavy duty commercial machinery. Some of these brilliant culinary creations include a slow cooker that can replace giant pots of soup or stewed meats, a mini-food processor and a hand-held mixer.

Cooking and shopping for one

There are a few rules of thumb to follow if you plan on just cooking for yourself. First, if you plan on purchasing produce, make sure that you get seasonal vegetables that won’t rot in 24-48 hours and store them properly. For produce that isn’t seasonal, there’s nothing wrong with getting it in canned form, like canned tomatoes or canned beans.

Use small cooking dishes for portion control. If you’re roasting something or making a casserole, use a small pan or dish to cook it in. That way you’re not left with a ton of leftovers that will just end up in the trash can. If you do want meals to stretch throughout the week, cook dishes that easily reheat, like soup or pasta.

Breakfast for dinner! An eggcellent option for cooking for one is to make a scramble of eggs, roasted veggies and goat cheese with a side of wheat toast, or any other dish involving eggs. Organic, farm fresh eggs will keep for a decent amount of time in the fridge, and can turn into a hearty, tasty meal.