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Cranberry Conundrum? Here’s What to Do!

Thanksgiving leftovers are almost as much a tradition as the turkey itself – but sometimes, we can get tired of the same old dishes day after day. One of the things we always tend to stock up on a little too much is cranberry sauce. The tart, bright flavors of cranberry usually only end up on the table during the holidays, so who can blame us for going a little overboard? However, after Thanksgiving is over, we’re left with a cranberry conundrum: What do we do with extra cranberry sauce and cranberries? Get some inspiration with these tasty ideas.

Spicy Cranberry Salsa

With the addition of a sliced jalapeno, salt, cumin, cilantro, and the zest and juice of one lime, cranberry sauce becomes a sweet-and-savory salsa. Simply pulse the ingredients together in a food processor or blender. Pair it with turkey taquitos for a double-whammy of leftover repurposing.

Cranberry Grilled Cheese

We know cranberry sauce plays well with savory flavors like turkey, but it’s a surprising ingredient in classic grilled cheese. Simply pair it with bread, white cheddar, and plenty of butter, then grill up as usual. The result is a little bit messy – but totally worth it.

Cranberry Ice Cubes

Keep these colorful ice cubes in the freezer throughout the holidays. You can add them to smoothies instead of regular ice for seasonal flavor, pair them with sparkling seltzer for a festive and fun holiday beverage.

Cranberry Muffins

Cranberry sauce adds moisture and sweet tartness to hearty oat muffins. Portable and comforting, these muffins are perfect for an on-the-go breakfast or as an afternoon snack.

Cranberry Barbecue Sauce

This recipe couldn’t be easier: Mix a bit of cranberry sauce into your favorite homemade or bottled barbecue sauce. Cranberries add tart depth of flavor and a beautiful color. Use it to top smoked meats or as a dip for fries.