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Creative Table Setting Ideas

Do you enjoy having company over to your apartment and hosting dinner parties? Then chances are you’re always on the hunt for table-setting ideas.

We’ve got just what you need for decorating inspiration! Impress your friends and family at your next occasion with these creative table settings for a dinner party to remember.

Flowers and Natural Elements

Incorporating flowers into your table setting always adds a fresh and attractive touch.

Depending on the occasion, you can customize the color scheme to fit the theme. For fall occasions, pick out red, orange, or yellow flowers with nice green stems. For winter, red and green colors are a classic choice. If it’s for a friend’s birthday, choose flowers in their favorite color.

And other natural elements can add a fun, unexpected touch, like pinecones or fall leaves scattered around the centerpiece.


For a celebration, decorations that can be found at a crafts store are a festive addition. Tying a pretty ribbon around a wine glass, sprinkling confetti between place settings, and using a big white sheet of paper with colorful stamps can add that special touch.


For a more grown-up or intimate occasion with friends or loved ones, add some glass-encased votive candles to your table setting for some understated elegance.

Place Setting Accessories

To make your table setting pop, add some colorful elements that stand out and bring your dinner party to life. Try placing brightly colored napkins in between white dinner and salad plates, or personalizing your place settings with handmade name cards and place mats.


Fruit is not only delicious to eat, but a pretty natural addition to your table setting. Get creative by poking holes in citrus fruit with straws that have name tags attached, place pineapples around your centerpiece, or make a fruit cornucopia centerpiece.

There you have it! A few tips and tricks to create a beautiful table setting for your next dinner party that is sure to wow your guests!

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