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De-Stressing The Moving Process

If you’re contemplating your next move, there are very easy ways to keep from breaking the bank or raising your stress levels to unnecessary heights. Most of the important steps when planning a move just take a little forethought and a tiny bit of elbow grease.

You Can Take it With You, But Don’t Take the Junk

First of all, take the time to de-clutter your current house or apartment. Most people tend to accumulate things over the course of living somewhere that they either don’t need or no longer have use for. Being able to separate junkable knick-knacks from family treasures is a big step in minimizing the packing and sorting that will need to be done later. If you don’t want to simply throw away the items you won’t be taking with you, donation is always a great option. Most cities have multiple donation centers, with many offering paperwork to help claim donations on your taxes.

After you’ve removed the excess clutter, begin packing far in advance of your move date so you don’t become overwhelmed or feel rushed through the process. Few things are more troublesome than being up against a moving deadline with important (and not-so-important) items still left unpacked and unaccounted for.

Work with Your New Landlord

Be sure to set up a move-in date with the office staff of your new apartment community. This will help ease the process and allay any confusion or frustration that could arise from making last-minute plans. This will also allow you to make sure you have the keys to your new apartment upon moving in.

Did We Forget to Mention? We’ve Moved

Remember to change your mailing address with businesses, utilities, government agencies, and other entities as soon as you know your new address. Transferring service from one residence to another is quick, easy, and can generally be set up with a simple phone call or even online. Having your mail forwarded to your new address will also save you from potentially losing important correspondence while you transition to your new apartment.

Put People On Notice

Notify your previous landlord well ahead of time about your upcoming move, so you can collect your deposit refund and hand over your keys upon moving. Companies like 1st Lake Properties ask for a 30 day written notice before vacating and some private owners may ask for 60 days advance. Make sure to confirm with management so there isn’t any confusion regarding your move. Added confusion with your old apartment will only distract from the new and exciting move you have ahead of you!

Budget for the Move

Moving costs can vary from place to place, and can depend on distance among many other factors. These expenses can add up and become a huge chunk of your total moving expense if you’re not careful. Some movers charge by the hour, others by the square footage, still others by weight. If you decide to use a moving company, always get multiple estimates and ask how they arrived at their number so you can look for opportunities to cut costs.

If you have friends who are willing to help you move, this can save you a lot of money. However, professional movers are generally more adept at moving large items carefully, so you’ll want to weigh out the benefits of using friends vs. movers. If you decide to have friends help you, make sure you lock in your plans for the date of your move well ahead of time. Be sure to double-check to make sure your friends still remember your big moving day and haven’t accidentally committed to other plans along the way!

Design in Your Mind before Unpacking

Once you’ve moved your boxes and belongings into your new apartment, take the time to envision the best use of your space. Before putting up items simply to get them out of the way, decide how to best maximize your new area. Being careful and considerate about how you decorate and arrange your new surroundings can make all the difference in making your new apartment truly feel like your home. Don’t be afraid to be creative this is your home now.