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Decorating Tips Working With White Wall Colors

Many apartment rentals come with white walls. Instead of wishing you had more wall colors to choose from, use the white walls in your apartment as inspiration for decorating ideas. Think of white walls as creating a gallery space in your apartment for featuring great apartment decorating ideas. Try out some of them with these decorating tips.

White walls allow you to showcase special pieces of furniture, colorful art or decorative rugs. Both colorful or white candles, to create a clean white on white look are also attractive decor additions. Place flameless candles, like Febreze Flameless Luminaries – battery operated scented candles – or Candle Warmers for a real candle look on mantles against white walls. Ladders are great interior design elements that make for rustic hangers for colorful quilts to lean against white walls.

Windows built into white walls can really open up and brighten a room with outside views and sunlight. To further complement that outdoor feel, place easily maintainable house plants near the windows by your white walls for an extra pop of color.

It’s really more about thinking creatively about how to let the white walls in your apartment highlight the other aspects of each room. Think about the other colors of your furniture and appliances. Bright kitchen and bathroom appliances stand out against white walls. White furniture gives a very clean and ethereal effect whereas black furniture with white walls gives a chic, mod style.

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