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Decorating To Increase Storage Space

Most renters will attest that storage space in an apartment or rental property is always a hot commodity, especially in homes shared by one or more people. For this reason, creative storage solutions are a must.

While plastic stacked bins are available at giant retailers across the nation, an overabundance of such contraptions creates an unappealing look. Before rushing out to the nearest Target or Wal-Mart to buy a collection of bins, consider trying a few of the decorating tips below to add extra storage and personality to your living space.

Regularly Scheduled

Desk blotters and other monstrously large calendars are fantastic for keeping dates straight at the office. A bulky item like that can be impractical for the home office, however, and can be an unwelcome reminder of work at home. For a more free-spirited scheduling system, pin up a string and hang seven clothespins, each featuring a day of the week, and hang your notes on corresponding days. The system is more visually appealing than a monotone calendar and you can add or interchange notes to your heart’s content.

A New Use

Repurposing an everyday home item for another use can open up a world of decorating possibilities. A clean, out-of-use toothbrush holder can be great for holding pens on a desk, for example.

An antique breadbox can be converted into a charging station for electronic equipment. First, create a hole in the back of the breadbox. Hide a surge protector strip in the box, pulling out only enough cord for the prongs to reach the intended socket. Next, cut a piece of sturdy paper or cardboard to fit the interior of the box. Cut slits for cords for your various pieces of equipment and label each slit with the name of the tool (e.g. cell phone, Bluetooth, etc.) that will be charged. Pull only the connector through the labeled opening to leave the mess of tangled cords behind the paper and out of view.

Basket Cases

Wicker baskets find their way into everyone’s collection of home décor items. These eponymous decorating staples have a million and one uses in the home. For example, hang a pair of baskets, labeled with monogram letters, on the back of a shared bathroom door or near the front door. These baskets will help roommates keep important items separate. Wicker baskets can also be used to organize kitchen spices, living room or bathroom reading material, laundry, and towels.