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DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

How to Make Homemade Christmas Gifts and Decorations

The time is upon us to begin the process of acquiring Christmas gifts for friends and families and decorations for holiday parties. While everyone is in a mad dash to purchase the hot new item on the market, you could ditch the department store and get supplies to make your presents. Not the crafty type? Not to worry – these DIY projects are simple and basic enough for the least creatively inclined among us. This year, save money and make your own Christmas cheer both you and the recipient can be proud of!

Ornaments – Everyone loves ornaments, and what better time to give them than Christmas? Put your own personal touch on Christmas ornaments this year by customizing them yourself. Start with buying plain glass ornaments and fill them with the contents of your choice and voila – you’ve created a personalized Christmas ornament in minutes! Some ideas for fillings are a small photograph, fortune cookie fortunes, tinsel, confetti or anything you can think of that will squeeze into the opening.

Luminary Centerpiece – This project can be used both for gifts or decorations to keep for your apartment. These luminaries can be customized for the holidays or any time of year, so keep this idea in mind for future occasions. There are three simple steps: 1) Find an image you love and print it on acetate projector paper, 2) attach the acetate to a piece of colored construction paper of your choosing that’s the same size, 3) wrap the paper around a glass canister. Then all you need to do is place your candle in the canister and you have a beautiful, unique centerpiece.