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Enjoy The Perks Of Apartment Living

One of the beauties of apartment living is enjoying the upkeep without having to do any of it! At 1st Lake Properties, all maintenance is taken care of for you.

You don’t have to even step inside one of 1st Lake’s New Orleans apartment rentals to see all the work that goes into making it a lovely and clean place to live. The grounds of each property are beautifully attended to, including the walking paths, pool and picnic areas, and everything in between.

Being a renter allows you to sit back and really enjoy the space you live in without the worry of yard work or making repairs – instead, you can leave it to the experts! One of the other upsides to renting an apartment instead an entire house is the lower utility bills. You will save on your energy bill with 1st Lake’s energy efficient kitchen appliances and with less space to heat or cool, depending on the season.

A renter of one of 1st Lake’s Kenner, River Ridge or Metairie apartment rentals in the New Orleans area can take comfort in the fact that they can always count on coming home to a care-free living environment that’s part of a smooth-running operation. 1st Lake employs their very own architectural, construction and property management companies, so you can rest assured that all work is done with the utmost pride and care.

If you aren’t already, take advantage of the dedicated and responsive customer service you’ll find living at one of the 1st Lake apartment communities. The attentive staff will be there to help with any issues, unless they’ve already been resolved before you even noticed!