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Find Peace and Playtime at Lafreniere Park

Metairie is a bustling place, no doubt – just a short drive from downtown New Orleans, the suburb is chock full of shopping, dining, and entertainment options, plus worthwhile residences like Crossroads apartments and Parktowne apartments (two of First Lake’s many Metairie and other Jefferson Parish properties).

However, Metairie holds a tranquil secret: Lafreniere Park. This ambling green space in the center of Metairie is home to multi-use lawns, fountains, picnic areas, hills, landscaped gardens, boating, fishing, paths, a running trails, a Frisbee golf course… the list goes on and on.

First founded in the 1970s, the park allows “all people of the Parish to rest and refresh their spirit in its peaceful, natural surroundings.” We couldn’t agree more!

Things to Do at Lafreniere Park

Go For a Run on the Healthtrak

One of the most enticing aspects of the park is a landscaped, 2-mile jogging trail called the Healthtrak. Cardiovascular activity is a great way to let go of a hectic workday, and while many of our properties offer gyms and pools for exercise, sometimes pounding the pavement outdoors is truly the best method to relieve stress.

Whether you take the trail at an ambling pace or at a full-blown sprint, you’ll experience scenic flora and fauna, water elements, and more.

Explore Marsh Island

Within the park, you’ll find Marsh Island, a water-surrounded area in the park’s southwest corner that is home to endemic flora and fauna of Louisiana. It’s also a dedicated bird sanctuary.

Authentic marshland habitat is home to different vegetation and bird life than you’ll see in other parts of the park. Keep an eye out for different species of plants and animals.

Have a Picnic

A meal outdoors is a spring and summertime tradition. Whether you pick up snowballs from a nearby Metairie snowball stand or pack your own picnic lunch, bring a blanket to Lafreniere Park and enjoy your food on one of several multi-use lawns or a designated picnic area (both are available at the park).

Not sure what to pack? Real Simple comes to the rescue with their simple Picnic Packing Checklist.

Play Frisbee Golf

Perhaps you’re asking, “What the heck is Frisbee golf?” Well, it’s exactly what it sounds like. This hybrid of Frisbee and golf (also known as disc golf) has seen popularity recently, and is part of the reason Lafreniere Park created a proper Frisbee golf course.

The 24-hole course not only lets you explore the parks twists and turns, but also lets you make a game out of it – bring your own Frisbees and throw them at select targets throughout the course. It’s free to play! If you prefer City Park to Lafreniere, they also have a free Frisbee golf course on site.

Cool Down in the Spray Park

Another enticing option at Lafreniere Park is the Spray Park for children ages 10 and under. With 4,000 square feet of water fun (featuring 13 water features), this large space is a great place for children to enjoy water safely.

Keep in mind that the spray park is only open on weekends and charges $5 per child for each session up to 90 minutes.

Host a Party at the Carousel

Spring and summer is often party season… but sometimes apartments (no matter how spacious!) can’t quite hold all your friends and family. Lafreniere Park presents a great alternative: you can rent out their Carousel, a spacious pavilion surrounded by a lagoon, for a private party.

Read their full rental agreement terms here, and contact the park for more information about hosting a private party.

Looking to settle down near this peaceful urban oasis? 1st Lake Properties offers plenty of nearby Metairie apartment communities you’re sure to love!