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Healthy Living: How to Get More Energized at Home

If you’re in the middle of a personal energy crisis, there are ways you can combat that right from your own living space. If you hate waking up in the morning and are ready to crash as soon as you get home from work, start making your apartment work in your favor to turn that around and feel more consistently alert and lively throughout the entire day. Follow these tips to put the spring back in your step.

Ways to Stay Energized

energy sleepSleep – This may seem obvious, but you need a good night’s sleep if you want energy when you are awake. To give your body the best and most sleep you possibly can, start with your bedroom. Make sure you have clean sheets, the room is clean and organized, and you have access to a nightstand or other bedside surfaces where you keep your alarm clock. If you have trouble sleeping, cut off your screen time – as in smart phone, laptop, television or tablet use – well before you try to go to bed. Instead of staring at a screen before bedtime, which is known to cause sleeping difficulty, read a book instead.

Breakfast – They say it’s the most important meal of the day and that’s part because of its energizing effects. Try to stock your kitchen with healthy breakfast items like fruit, yogurt and granola to jumpstart your day, and coffee or tea if you like an extra kick of caffeine.

stay positive

Stay Positive – It’s sometimes easier said than done, but being optimistic can be more energizing than being negative, and having a home you love to come home to will help. Make your home a comforting sanctuary where you love to be with personal touches like art or even inspiring quotes posted around to remind you of what’s important and that give you a good feeling.