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Holiday Budgeting Tips

The holiday season is meant to be one of the happiest times of the year, but with all the extra expenses this time of year can feel more like a burden than a joy. If you’re looking to enjoy a joyous, wallet-friendly holiday season, create a holiday spending spreadsheet that will keep you on track and feeling merry.

Figure out what you can afford to spend.
Review your finances, and determine how much you can afford to spend on holiday-related purchases this year. Then, set this figure as your overall holiday spending limit.

Set a spending limit for each area of holiday spending.
Create a spreadsheet, and list all the typical holiday expenses – gifts, decorations, holiday foods, etc. – in the first column, and set a budget for each area of spending in the second column.

Keep track of your spending throughout the season.
Keep a running total of your purchases in the third column of your spreadsheet to record your actual spending throughout the season.

Modify your budget to cover any instances of overspending.
Don’t worry too much if you overspend in one of the categories you listed – just try to cut back on your spending in another category to make up for it.

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