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Home Improvement Project The Pegboard Solution

For renters living in small apartments, or anyone whose apartment is lacking furniture, pegboard can be a miracle material. Pegboard can be made out of wood, cardboard or metal and is full of lines and rows of small holes. Pegboard is an extremely convenient home project material, providing additional storage which is always a plus for apartment living, while achieving a minimalist modern look. Consider pegboard for your next home improvement project!

Not sure how exactly to use pegboard? The options are seemingly infinite. Here are some ideas:

  • Pegboard headboard: Make a headboard for your bed by attaching two pieces of pegboard together with double sided tape.
  • Storage: Perhaps the biggest benefit of pegboard is its storage possibilities. We love this list of storage organizers from Remodelista.
  • Backsplash: Attach pegboard with some non damaging adhesive to your kitchen which not only makes a cool looking backsplash, but adds holes for hanging kitchen utensils!
  • Customize: Add some color to your pegboard to spell out words and use for a coat rack or welcome mat.
  • Decorate: Pegboards can be inventive solutions for hanging paintings and pictures without damaging walls. Just hang picture frames with hooks onto the pegboard or attach hooks to anything to display on your walls using pegboard.

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