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Home Improvement Projects Using Velcro

It’s small, it’s simple, and it’s invincible – it’s velcro. This everyday material may not seem like that big of a deal, but it can actually be used for more than you would think. As an added bonus, it is very affordable and can be easily found at hardware or arts and craft stores. There are spinoff velcro products that offer even more DIY home improvement possibilities by adding a peel off adhesive to the other side, so velcro can be easily stuck and removed to affix or fasten items.

Organize – If you are having cord control issues, velcro can be the best way to easily organize loose and messy cords and cables. In addition to bundling cords, velcro can be an effective way to hold together sporting equipment like golf clubs and fishing poles.

Hanging – Velcro has powerful attachment capabilities and can be used to hang tools or household items like keys to the wall using a velcro board. It’s also a great option for hanging pictures or art securely to the walls so they stay in place.

Place holder – If you are someone who constantly misplaces household items, velcro can solve that problem in just a few seconds. Stick a piece of velcro to the end table to secure the television remote control when it’s not in use, or to the bathroom wall to place hair brushes or hair dryers.

In addition, if you have a gate without a lock that easily swings open, velcro can be a quick fix to keep it closed. As you can see, velcro can be used for many home improvement projects, so when in doubt, remember velcro!

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