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Housewarming Gift Guide Something For Every Home And Host

A move into a new home is an occasion for stress, but also celebration. When a friend or loved one moves into a new residence, it is a nice gesture to give that person a gift for the home. If your friend or friends throw a housewarming party, a gift is almost a necessity.

Since the home is such a personal space, selecting an appropriate, and affordable, gift may be difficult. If you’re troubled for ideas, check out a few of the selections below and you’ll have the perfect gift selected in no time!


Certain gifts, such as wine or spirits, are usually a fine, but not very personal, gift choice. For a female friend, a housewarming gift such as stationery or a piece of artwork that reflects her taste is a less generic choice.

A live plant is a timeless gift choice as well. A plant can be personalized with a hand-painted pot or ribbon, but another way to personalize a live plant gift is in the selection. If your friend has a favorite scent or color, follow those cues. If not, consider the individual for whom you’re buying the plant. Is she attentive, or forgetful? Busy or bored? Use these details to select a plant based on the amount of care the plant requires.


For your favorite fella, consider the gift of grub. Rather than a fancy sausage and cheese basket, which can be expensive and a touch impersonal, consider assembling your own snack gift basket. If you’re feeling domestic, you might even bake a tray of cookies!

A less labor-intensive option is a gift certificate. Find a great restaurant in your friend’s new neighborhood and purchase a gift certificate for dinner for two. This kind of gift is very thoughtful and will help your friend get to know his new neighborhood a little better.


Buying a housewarming gift for a couple is a touch more difficult, as you want to select something that appeals to both people. For couples, a gift for entertaining or for the kitchen is almost always a safe bet. A cheese board and knife set is an appropriate for couples that enjoy dinner parties. A pizza stone, popsicle maker, or wine glasses are great gift options as well.