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How to Add Warmth to Your Apartment this Winter

In this post, we’ll give you some tips on how to create a warm atmosphere in your apartment. Soon enough, your home will be the coziest place around.

You can look forward to game nights, large dinners, or relaxing movie nights with friends and family.


There are several ways to use light to your advantage when creating a warm atmosphere in your apartment.

Flameless candles, stringed lights or wax burners are great alternatives for creating a warm ambiance because they provide a sense of calm and a source of indirect light. Still want a cozy winter scent? Essential oil and stick diffusers can also add to the atmosphere — think lavender, pine, or other smells that evoke a warm haven from the cold weather.

Purchase window curtains that are slightly transparent, allowing some natural light to seep in and brighten your living area.

If you have a fireplace, use it when you have guests over. Fireplaces are especially useful during the coldest days of the year — you and your guests can bond by warming your hands and feet in the warm glow of the fire. 

Finally, try to use lamps rather than overhead lights as much as possible. Lamps radiate soft light while overhead lighting can be harsh and uncomfortable for intimate gatherings.


Keeping lots of cozy, soft blankets around your living room will give your guests easy access to quick warmth, and will make people feel at home. Plus, you can choose blankets that visually complement your apartment’s interior.


Well-placed, warmly-colored flowers and other plants add feelings of life and vitality to your living space. Reds, yellows, and oranges make your space seem vibrant and lived-in, rather than sterile and dull. 

Fabrics & Textures

In addition to blankets, use other fabrics and textures to your advantage. Cover cold wood floors and bathroom tiles with plush rugs.

According to Kenmore Development, rugs help rooms look larger while also providing texture and color to your living areas.

Alternate Sources of Heat

If there are any parts of your apartment that get drafty or particularly cold, strategically place space heaters. A small, portable heater will work just fine — there’s no need for anything large and difficult to move. 

Make sure you use a space heater that will automatically shut off if it gets too hot.

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