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Five Tips on How to Be a Good Neighbor

Whether you live in a suburban neighborhood or a residential apartment community, it’s important to maintain a good relationship with your neighbors. A community that displays an understanding of neighborly etiquette is sure to be a happier one.

Read on for some tips about how to be a great neighbor!

Creating a Relationship

The first step in ensuring a good relationship with your neighbor is to create one. Introduce yourself to your neighbor, and if it feels appropriate, offer them a welcoming gift. On a day-to-day basis, say a simple hello if you see them outside or around the community. This will create a feeling of mutual warmth and respect, which will come in handy if a problem or conflict arises in the future.


This one is pretty simple. Being conscious of your noise level at all times is an important part of being a good neighbor. Put yourself in your neighbor’s shoes: how would you feel about your schedule being disrupted by noise at an inconvenient or inappropriate hour? 


Maintaining a general standard of cleanliness inside and outside of your apartment maintains a uniformity of hygiene and visual appeal within the community. Don’t be the neighbor to create a problem with pests, or become an eyesore with a dirty balcony or exterior!


Make sure you always follow any community regulations regarding pets. Get them vaccinated, and keep them leashed so they don’t disrupt your neighbors’ personal space. It’s also a good idea to let your neighbors know that they are free to come over and speak to you if your pet is bothering them, or if they have any other concerns.


Be sure that when you park, you’re not causing future difficulty for other vehicles around you. Loud music late at night and revving the engine are not conscientious. Also, keeping your voice at a reasonable level after you exit your vehicle is a good idea. 

Take these tips into consideration in order to become a better neighbor! We promise that developing a good relationship with the people in your residential community will make life a lot easier. And if you would like more tips, check out The Spruce, wikiHow, and HuffPost for more great information!