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How to Freeze Soups and Stews the Right Way

Did you know March is National Frozen Food month? The freezer is an incredible tool for preserving foods, but knowing the right way to freeze foods is key. A frozen pizza from the grocery store is easy – just pop it in the freezer and move on – but certain foods take more preparation. That’s why we’re showing you how to freeze soups and stews the right way. To defrost, simply heat and stir, and you’ve got a homemade meal in no time.

How to Freeze Soups and Stews

  1. Cool it! Freezers cannot cool hot soups and stews fast enough to be food safe. You’ll need to speed up the process. You can let the soup come to room temperature naturally before packaging it for the freezer, or you can place the pot of hot soup in a bath of ice water, stirring frequently to help release extra heat.
  2. Zip it! Use zip-top plastic freezer bags to store the soup. We recommend gallon- or quart-size bags. Label and date them first using a permanent marker, then fit the bags over a bowl (similar to how you fold the edges of a garbage bag over a trash can). Pour or ladle the soup into the bag, and be sure to remove any excess air before sealing.
  3. Freeze it! Lay the bags flat in the freezer one on top of the other. They’ll last about a month in the freezer.
  4. Eat it! If possible, move your soup from the freezer to the fridge and let it thaw slowly throughout the day. Then, when you’re ready to eat, heat up the soup normally over low to medium heat.