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How To Hang Pictures Without Damaging Walls

Decking the halls and walls of your apartment with photos, paintings and artwork is a great way to express your personal taste and style in your home. But how do you get around leaving your mark on the walls – in a bad way – with holes left from the hammer and nail? There are several solutions that eliminate damage to the walls and the extra work it takes to hammer, not to mention a possible deduction from your security deposit!

Command Strips

Command Strips are home improvement miracles in the form of little stickers. These hammer and nail-less strips affix right to your wall and can hold up to 24 x 36 inch picture frames. When it’s time to retire those pictures, they’re easily removed without taking any of the wall with them. Command Strips are very affordable and can be found at any home supply store.

Poster Putty

Poster putty is great for hanging light-weight picture frames, artwork, prints – and yes, posters – to the walls that are also easily removable. They’re very easy to use and to find.

Once you have these picture hanging fixes in your possession, you may put up as many photos of your friends and family that your heart desires and spare you apartment walls from unsightly holes.

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