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How To Make A Terrarium

To bring some extra life and color to your apartment that also makes for a fun craft project, terrariums are easy and convenient ways of having plants. In addition to being low maintenance houseplants, terrariums don’t take up much space or require diligent caretaking. Learn how to make your own terrariums at home to enjoy that will elevate the air quality and look of your apartment.

If you don’t have enough outdoor space or sunlight to properly grow a garden at home, a terrarium is the perfect alternative for those green thumbs out there. Terrariums act as miniature gardens, which are even cuter than normal sized gardens, and you can have multiple all in one small space.

Making the terrarium

To start with, find a growing container. These will likely already be sitting on a shelf or in a cabinet in your apartment, or are very low cost at any supple store. Mason jars or other glassware, like cookie jars or wine decanters work perfectly.

After you have your terrarium containers lined up, the first step is to build a base. Put 1-2 inches of wood chips, sea shells or stones at the bottom of the container. Then fill up about one third of the container with potting soil. Gently pack the soil. Next, it’s time to add in your terrarium plants. Plants for terrariums that work well are smaller, more delicate greenery like the Moon Valley plant, spider fern, nerve plant, Aurea, Aquamarine and black mondo grass. Allow enough room in the terrarium to add more soil once the plant is placed inside.

Next, pack the soil around the terrarium plants to prevent air pockets. Make sure the roots of the plants are covered by the potting soil. Place moss on top of the soil in between the plants for an added decorative green layer. Place the terrariums in a well lit area in your apartment, next to a window. Water daily or as recommended according to each plant type. Minimal maintenance is required. Plants may be trimmed if they grow out of the top of the terrarium.

There you have it. Making terrariums is quick and easy and can be a pleasant addition to any room, desk or mantle.

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