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How To Make Your Apartment More Energy Efficient

What is green energy?

We live in a reformed world where thinking globally and with the environment in mind is important for making the planet a better place to live right now and in the future. Whether or not you are concerned with energy efficiency or you just want to lower your electric bill, there are some simple practices and tools that can accomplish both at once.

If your apartment has central air, ask your property manager about installing a programmable thermostat if there isn’t already one. One of the biggest power suckers that is also one of the easiest to fix is plugged in power outlets. There are eco-friendly power strips that can be purchased to eliminate excessive use of power outlets and decrease the amount of energy expended. You’ll just need to remember to unplug the power strip cord from the wall outlet for it to be effective. See, we told you turning your apartment into an eco-friendly home was easy.

Speaking of easy, there are several other easy ways to cut down on power use. One way is to check your water heater settings and make sure it’s not set too high. If you’re having to turn down the heat significantly, it probably is and it can be lowered to a comfortable temperature while using less energy. Other ways are to regularly replace your air conditioner’s filter so the air conditioner doesn’t have to exert more energy than normal to do its job and use energy efficient light bulbs.

Every little bit helps, and if you follow these simple steps, you’ll be doing the earth and your bank account a favor.

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