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Keeping Cool Without Using Air Conditioning

Summer weather can reach pretty high temperatures, and the New Orleans area is known for its sultry summers. Energy bills can escalate during the hot summer months, but there are environmentally conscious, energy efficient cooling methods you can use to avoid running the air conditioning and expensive energy bills.

Air Conditioning Alternatives

Fans – Fans are the most obvious and attainable air conditioning alternatives. If your apartment is equipped with ceiling fans, turn off the air conditioning and turn on the fans. For an extra electro-powered breeze, use an oscillating or box fan. You’d be surprised how fast and easy it is to keep cool just by utilizing different types of fans.

Blinds – Adjusting the blinds in your apartment is another simple example of using the available resources at home. Closing all the window blinds inside the apartment will keep it cooler, and if you do this in conjunction with turning on fans, you’ll forget you even have air conditioning.

Evaporative Cooler – Evaporative coolers, also known as swamp coolers, are a great eco-friendly and energy efficient alternatives to air conditioning. A portable evaporative cooler uses 75% less electricity than air conditioning and is powered by a standard 120 volt outlet. Evaporative Coolers push warm or polluted air out and create a cool breeze by combining evaporated water and air flow. Evaporative Coolers can be found at stores like Home Depot, Best Buy and Walmart.

North Facing Side – This is the most basic of all the methods, but usually the north facing side of your home is the coolest in the summer and the south-facing side is the best for keeping warm in the winter. You might want to consider rearranging the layout of your apartment for the summer to reserve the north-facing side for where you spend the most time.

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